China: Chemical Warehouse Explosion In Shandong Province

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China explosion

Chinese state media have reported an explosion at a chemical warehouse in the Shandong province of Eastern China on Saturday evening.

The site is only one kilometer from a residential area.
Chinese media reported that firefighters were dealing with the aftermath of the blast in Zibo County.

Local authorities have reportedly started evacuating residents in the area near to the blast site.

Reports say that one person was injured and taken to the Qiu Liu hospital in Huantai County

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Only a week ago over a hundred people were killed and several hundred injured in multiple explosions at a warehouse storing hazardous chemicals in Tianjin port. Everyone within a three kilometres of the blast site were ordered to evacuate amid fears of sodium cyanide  poisoning. Cyanide levels were found to be over 365 times the safe limit.

Since the Tianjin explosions, residents report a dangerous and, as yet, unidentified white foam that has rained down causing burning and stinging sensations upon contact with skin.

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