Video Shows Undercover Police Officers Posing As Rioters on J6

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Undercover video shows police officers dressed as rioters on J6

Newly released footage shot by police on Jan. 6 shows an undercover officer admitting he’s going to infiltrate the MAGA crowd dressed as an Antifa terrorist.

“We go undercover as Antifa in the crowd,” one officer is heard instructing another officer as police mobilized outside the Capitol before the crowd had pushed past barricades. reports: Investigative Twitter users attempted to identify the officer by the number visible on his badge.

While the context of the officer’s comment is unclear, the damning footage lends credence to MAGA conservatives’ claims that Antifa militants had infiltrated the crowd — and it’s possible some of the black-clad, face-masked officers could be behind staging violence and breaking into the Capitol that day.

See videos of other “Antifa” sightings on Jan. 6 below:

The video seemingly contradicts claims by the mainstream media and even then-GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy in the wake of Jan. 6, where they outright denied Antifa’s involvement in the riot.

Leaked footage earlier this week also showed undercover DC Metropolitan police officers shoving Trump supporters toward the Capitol building and helping them climb scaffolding, shouting, “Go, go, go!” “Help them up!” and “Push them up!”

The latest jaw-dropping video adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting the riot at the US Capitol on Jan. 6 was instigated and provocateured by police and/or outside groups.


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