Trump To Investigate Buzzfeed For ‘Fake News’

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Trump administration consider investigating Buzzfeed for publishing 'fake news'

The incoming Trump administration are considering launching an investigation into Buzzfeed after they deliberately published a fake news story about Trump’s activities in Russia. 

White House advisor Anthony Scaramucci says that Buzzfeed’s decision to publish sensationalist claims fabricated by users on 4Chan, represents a level of dishonesty that should not go unpunished. reports:

On Friday night Anthony Scaramucci told Eric Bolling on The Factor that Donald Trump will continue to call out “falsehoods” in the news and “will go directly to the American people, right over the top of the mainstream media.”

Scaramucci singled out Buzzfeed after their disgusting unverified report this week on Donald Trump’s trips to Russia. 4Chan users later announced they made up the entire story of Trump, hookers and “golden showers.” Buzzfeed published the entire report that was leaked to the press.

Scaramucci said the Trump administration may investigate Buzzfeed.

Eric Bolling: Do you hold them even further accountable? For example, Ben Smith, the editor and chief of Buzzfeed literally wrote a note, a memo to his staff saying, ‘Hey these are unsubstantiated allegations by they way,’ and then he went ahead and published them anyway. Is there a lawsuit coming Buzzfeed’s way?

Anthony Scaramucci: I don’t know I think I have to leave that up to the president to decide. I can tell you my personal experience with Ben hasn’t been favorable. There’s a level of dishonesty about the Buzzfeed process. They seem to think that they are more important than the facts and the objective standards of journalism. And so for Buzzfeed they losing a lot of credibility.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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  1. Trump should also be investigating the CIA who are likely the real culprits behind planting this story via Buzzfeed. In fact the CIA should be completed disbanded and destroyed. They have brought nothing but grief to the US and worldwide.

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