CPS Kidnaps Baby After Injected With Vaccine Against Parents’ Wishes

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The time may be now to hold an official funeral for the death of freedom in the U.S., as “Child Protective Services” has reportedly kidnapped yet another young child from her parents. Four-month-old Kathryn Blalock of Lubbock, Texas, is currently being held at UMC Children’s Hospital in Lubbock by CPS workers who plucked her from her mother’s arms just days after hospital workers injected the young girl with a hepatitis B vaccine against her family’s wishes.

As relayed by Terri LaPoint from Health Impact News, young Kathryn was born on June 9, 2014, with a rare genetic condition known as Pierre Robin Sequence. This means that she has a very small jaw and a cleft soft palate that makes it difficult for her to eat properly. Kathryn also has a skull plate abnormality known as craniostenosis that left her head misshapen due to it closing prematurely during development.

Needless to say, Kathryn is a special-needs child who desperately requires constant touch and care from her mother, who is now only allowed to see the child twice a month at the hospital. The reason for her abduction by CPS? There doesn’t seem to be one. But that hasn’t stopped the state of Texas, which claims to be a bastion of individual liberty, from continuing to deny Kathryn’s mother, Lorie, rightful access to her own daughter.

“I just want her back home in my arms [to] love and kiss on her!” lamented Lorie to Health Impact News. “To hold her and never let go!”

Kidnapping children is an ultimate act of evil by a rogue police state

Kathryn’s story is of the type that likely won’t be aired on national cable news, nor printed in any of the major papers. But it is one that is becoming increasingly common all across the U.S. as the country spirals into the worst kind of tyranny, where parents are denied God-given access to their own children, and where the military and police forces turn a blind eye to such tyranny.

It is a sickening reality that we continue to see again and again here at Natural News, with one of the more well-known cases being that of Justina Pelletier, the New England girl who was kidnapped by CPS and Boston Children’s Hospital over a disagreement about a medical diagnosis.

After a full 16 months of confinement in the equivalent of a medical prison, Justina was reportedly released after a judge finally declared that the state could no longer hold her hostage.

But there are others besides Justina and now Kathryn who are still being held ransom by CPS illegally. At Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona, for instance, preteen sisters Kayla and Hannah Diegel were reportedly abducted by the state back in April over similar health issues stemming from a rare disorder.

And in Chicago, 17-year-old Isaiah Rider was held by the state against his will and the will of his family after they expressed disagreement about the way Luries Children’s Hospital had chosen to treat the boy’s neurofibromatosis. When Isaiah’s family attempted to move the boy to another hospital for a second opinion, Luries accused the family of “medical abuse.” He was later released.

The Blalock family of Texas has set up a Facebook page entitled “Bring Baby Kathryn Home” where supporters can learn more about the case and help free Kathryn from the clutches of CPS. You can access that page here:

You can also access the family’s Twitter page for updates at:









Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/047762_medical_kidnapping_Child_Protective_Services_vaccines.html#ixzz3JvebuP4b

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