CIA Agent Admits Deep State Plotting ‘False Flag’ Just in Time for the Election

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CIA agent admits deep state plotting false flag just before the November election

A former CIA agent has warned that the Deep State are plotting a ‘false flag’ attack just before the November election.

Axios recently published a story titled, “U.S. faces “serious threat” of a terror attack, expert and former CIA chief warn.” Is this another piece of “predictive programming“?

Is this the same former CIA chief who wrote and signed the letter claiming Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation? reports: Mr. Morell is back at it—is he teeing up another election home run for the regime?


Alarmed by repeated warnings from top FBI and military officials, a former acting CIA director and a legendary foreign policy thinker write bluntly in Foreign Affairs: “The United States faces a serious threat of a terrorist attack in the months ahead.”

Why it matters: Michael Morell and Graham Allison write that there are striking echoes of the run-up to 9/11 — including warnings about Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda by then-CIA director George Tenet.

Now, similar warnings are popping up from FBI director Chris Wray and Army Gen. Erik Kurilla — the commander of CENTCOM, which includes the Middle East.
Between the lines: Repeated warnings of this sort from national security officials and experts in the two decades since 9/11 have not come to fruition.

Over that time, terrorism has faded as a national fixation.

Sean Davis, the CEO and co-founder of The Federalist, has a sinking feeling the CIA and FBI are up to no good. Can you blame him?

We’ve been covering Biden’s next likely political move for some time now. Steve Bannon and Senator Tuberville both agree that Biden will use WWIII to stay in power. They think he’ll use the “wag the dog” scheme as a desperate last ploy to cohere the American people into rallying around him as a “wartime president.”

In addition, Biden’s latest disturbing moves, involving weapons in Ukraine, make the “wag the dog” theory seem a lot more feasible.


Distracted and confused—that’s exactly how the regime wants the American people. When everyone’s attention is scattered in a hundred different directions, it’s much easier for them to roll out their sweeping plots. Imagine standing in a room filled with TVs, each blasting a different message, and you’re trying to make sense of it all. Meanwhile, the powers that be are quietly making epic chess moves that will alter our lives and change the country—and the world—forever. We’ve said it a thousand times: the regime will stop at nothing to hold onto power. Nothing. That could mean unleashing a so-called “pandemic”—courtesy of Chef Fauci and his Chinese lab buddies—or even sparking World War III with a nuclear power over a corrupt country that’s probably a money-laundering paradise for US politicians and their families. And that last part—the most terrifying outcome of all—is actually unfolding right before our eyes. What’s even scarier is that the American people are sleepwalking right into the biggest and bloodiest election interference plot yet. By the time everyone wakes up, it might just be too late.

In an absolutely unthinkable and reckless display of warmongering, Joe Biden has just given Ukraine the all-clear to use American weapons inside Russia. We’ve gone beyond just “poking the bear”—now we’re openly mocking and slapping it silly. This is a dangerous game of Russian roulette that’s destined for disaster. And for the record, it’s the US and NATO, not Russia, pushing the world toward nuclear war.

You can read the entire in-depth story by clicking here:

The regime is cooking up its biggest and bloodiest election plot yet, and Americans are sleepwalking right into it…

Also, Revolver’s own Darren Beattie has pointed out that the left is in full-blown panic because their sham lawfare trials, meant to be Biden’s ace in the hole, are unraveling. Just think that the ludicrous Stormy Daniels trial was supposed to be the 2024 equivalent of COVID, pinning President Trump against the ropes. What an epic failure that was. So, with this “ace” turning out to be a flop—a colossal miscalculation—the Dems must be at their most desperate yet. You have to wonder: What will they try next in this state of utter panic? Traditionally, a terror attack or a false flag might be used to rally support for the incumbent, but with Biden’s glaring mental lapses (sometimes bordering on unconsciousness), a “false flag” scenario might actually shine a spotlight on just how incapacitated he is, making him a liability rather than a beacon of hope and strength. However, don’t sigh in relief just yet—the fact that Biden’s potential terror “false flag” might backfire doesn’t guarantee they won’t try it. The debacle of putting all their eggs in the Stormy Daniels basket just shows how prone Biden’s handlers are to severe miscalculations.

And with news like this, which just hit the wire, you can imagine how the desperation and panic are building.

The Des Moines Register: 

Biden approval rating continues ‘consistent decline’

As the candidates move into the general election season, Biden’s approval rating among all Iowans remains low at 28%. Another 67% disapprove of his performance as president, and 5% are not sure.

Given these desperate times, it’s probably wise to brace yourselves because anything and everything is on the table.

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