BuzzFeed Poll: 40% Of Millennial Men Identify As Socialist

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BuzzFeed poll reveals 40 percent of millennial men identify as socialist

A new poll examining the political leanings of the next generation of leaders found that 40% of millennial men identify as “socialist”.

The study by Maru/Blue and BuzzFeed News released Thursday, asked 1,006 randomly selected 22- to 27-year-olds to characterize their political leanings. reports: Asked what “best reflects your current political leanings,” given options ranging from “Strong Democrat,” to “Strong Republican” or “Independent,” a total of 22 percent identified as “Strong Democrat.”

Only 10 percent would identify as “Strong Republican.”

A total of 31 percent say yes to the question, “Would you call yourself a democratic socialist, a socialist or neither?”

The breakdown was 18 percent “democratic socialist,” 8 percent “socialist” and 5 percent “either a socialist or a democratic socialist.”

Showing there is significant room for more socialists, 23 percent of the millennials questioned answered, “Neither, but I need to learn more.”

A total of 28 percent said they would be “Much more likely” or “A little more likely” to vote for a candidate running for political office if he referred to himself as a “socialist.”

The poll found 27 percent said they would be “A little less likely” or “Much less likely” to vote for the candidate.

It would make no difference, 22 percent said.

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