Trump Urges Hungary Not To Shut Down George Soros University

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President Trump's administration have urged Hungary not to shut down George Soros's Central European University (CEU), describing it as a "premier academic institution" in a forceful letter.

President Trump’s administration have urged Hungary not to shut down George Soros’s Central European University (CEU), describing it as a “premier academic institution” in a forceful letter to the Hungarian government. 

As the BBC reported earlier this week, the George Soros founded and funded university in Hungary is being threatened with closure by new legislation from the Hungarian government.

Students and staff at the university are protesting, but the majority of the country backs the government plans to cleanse the nation of George Soros’s influence.

The people of Hungary have risen up against George Soros and elected a government that shares their values. A core value the majority of Hungarians hold close to their heart is the idea that George Soros’s globalist vision is evil and must be eradicated from their country.

So why is Trump’s administration actively campaigning to stop Hungary’s government closing George Soros’s liberal university?

Describing George Soros’s university as a “premier academic institution accredited in the United States and Hungary, with staff and students from over 100 countries” the letter goes on to “urge the Government of Hungary to avoid taking any legislative action that would compromise CEU’s operations or independence.

This is the full letter issued to the Hungarian government from the U.S. State Department:

Press Statement

Mark C. Toner
Acting Spokesperson

Washington, DC
March 31, 2017

The United States is concerned about legislation proposed by the Government of Hungary on March 28th that imposes new, targeted, and onerous regulatory requirements on foreign universities. If adopted, these changes would negatively affect or even lead to the closure of Central European University (CEU) in Budapest.

CEU is a premier academic institution accredited in the United States and Hungary, with staff and students from over 100 countries. It has strengthened Hungary’s influence and leadership in the region through its academic excellence and many contributions to independent, critical thinking.

We urge the Government of Hungary to avoid taking any legislative action that would compromise CEU’s operations or independence.

George Soros’s founded and funded Central European University in Budapest.

Could Trump’s sudden turnaround on George Soros have anything to do with the fact that Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, has been exposed having a highly lucrative financing arrangement with the globalist billionaire?

Soros Fund Management is funding Jared Kushner’s real estate finance startup Cadre to the tune of $250 million, according to sources close to Kushner.

A source familiar with the financing arrangement told New York real estate website The Real Deal that “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.”

Business Insider first reported the existence of the $250 million credit line from George Soros to Jared Kushner in June, but didn’t mention its source.

The explosive news comes as Kushner has allegedly seized control of Trump’s White House, alienating Steve Bannon and dismissing Trump’s America First policy. With Kushner in control the administration is being pushed in a direction more in line with George Soros’ globalist vision.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. ” The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those that think alike rather than those who think differently.” Fredrich Nietzsche

  2. Looks like President Donald Ryan Kushner has sold out, well not actually because he is Freemason from the get go. Presidents are selected and not elected. The Zionist carousel spins on and on.

    • You’re right, but the most powerful thing under the sky is called PUBLIC OPINION.
      You are the public opinion.

      • I like that, but what can be done? Any ideas, before this madman kills us all with his thermonuclear war?

        • The most powerful thing under or above the sky is called WORD of GOD,
          and its on our side since we know it.

          • I like that too, thank you. I think we all know just HOW this will end. God will win in the end, not Trump. Do you think Trump is the antichrist? He is definitely on the side of evil, even though he claims to be a Christian. If he was a Christian, he would keep the commandements, and not kill, he has done that already by dropping bombs.

          • Being a Christian is the most important thing in my life, it is not a detail of my life. So, can you say that about Trump?
            I do not worry about the hierarchy of satan servants, what worries me most is that the churches have the function of turning Christians into idiots and cowards besides idolaters, so the earth is in darkness.

          • Obama , Hit-Lair-y Clinton, Soros, the Bush’s, and the rest of the Lunatic Lying Lefty DemonRat LIBTARD Party are the Anti-Christ’s!

        • The Only Madmen were and are Obama and Hit-Liar-y CLINTON!
          President Trump knows what’s up! He is doing a Great Job! President Trump hates Soros!

  3. i am sorry to say that Trump has changed 180 deg from what he was on inauguration day and has been fooled by the NWO scum and the proof is that he now wants to keep George Soros’s Central European University (CEU) open.
    George Soros & family should be killed for all the bad things they have committed all these years.

    • Sorry, monica Trump is not stupid. He doesn’t fool that easily. It’s the people who were fooled by his early “act”.

    • Trump did not change. He ran on an anti-globalist platform simply because the cat was out of the bag. He is a Rothschild man, and this has all been planned for decades. Presidents are chosen, not elected. The rhetoric, the rally’s, the campaigns, — all are just a Hollywood production. The reality is Rothschild Zionism, a course from which the illusory United States “democracy” has never deviated.

      • Trump fooled us all, and he is still fooling some, who think he is being controlled by the deep state, that he is innocent. No he is not, he is in with them 100%. So people like Alex Jones and others can keep defending him till the cows come home. We have all been fooled by his rhetoric. He is an out and out liar and in with his globalist buddies, Rothschild bankers and Wall Street. Now he is dropping bombs on Syria and Afganistan. He may even bring the world to WW3.

  4. We know that Soros is an evil POS who is trying to enslave the world for Israel’s “greater Israhell Project”, overthrowing governments, murdering innocents.
    So Trump is good friends with Nitwityahoo, Soros, the Clintons, Rudy Giuliani, who is complicit in the 911 attack along with MOSSAD.

    All these people are enemies of America and Americans, but they are Trumps “good friends”. Hmmmmm!

  5. We (ordinary citizens) need to investigate further and unmask them.
    The only thing satan’s servants fear is to be unmasked, for then they are hunted even by their cronies.

  6. Soros said how he was going to destroy Trump, but all the time he was supporting him, just as Trump is now supporting Soros. It was all a game, and we were fooled thinking this meant that Trump was anti- establishment. Chelsea and Ivanka are best friends, and Trump is related to Hillary. THAT should have given people enough of a warning. These people stick together and only marry their own kind. The Donald and Hillary are 19th cousins, according to genealogy experts.

  7. Good lord I thought America voting in trump was a great thing…not so sure now…has this been a set up all along??

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