President Trump: Action Against China Is Coming

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President Trump warns action against China is coming

President Trump has vowed to take decisive action against China for its coverup and exacerbation of the coronavirus spread.

Speaking from the Oval office Wednesday, Trump confirmed that the NSA, CIA and Defense Intelligence Agency were all looking into China’s mishandling of the crisis. Trump said information is “coming in and I’m getting pieces already. And we’re not happy about it.”

“We’re coming up with a very distinct recommendation. But we’re not happy with it,” Trump warned, referring to a plan for economic retaliation against China.

“There’s nothing positive about what happened in China having to do with this subject. Nothing positive at all,” POTUS added.


Trump also slammed the World Health Organisation, and defended his decision to de-fund the corrupt organisation.

“We are by far the largest contributor to WHO – world health. And they misled us,” Trump said, accusing the globalist agency of lying about the spread of the deadly virus.

“They must have known more than they [announced]” Trump said, adding “We knew things that they didn’t know – either they didn’t know or they didn’t tell us.”

“Right now they’re literally a pipe organ for China. That’s the way I view it. So, we’re seeing and we’re looking and we’re watching.” POTUS warned.

“Again we give $500 million – we have over the years – from $400-$500 for a long time, for many years. And China is giving $38 million, and yet they seem to work for China,” Trump said of the WHO. reports: Earlier this week, the President promised that the US will seek to secure hundreds of billions of dollars in reparations from China, noting that “There are a lot of ways you can hold them accountable.”

Intelligence officials are in the process of gathering communication intercepts, human source reporting and satellite imagery reviews from China and the WHO, reports NBC News.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again directed that China needs to provide access to its virology labs, urging that “We don’t know precisely where this virus originated from.” 

“There are multiple labs that are continuing to conduct work, we think, on contagious pathogens inside of China today and we don’t know if they are operating at a level of security to prevent this from happening again,” Pompeo stressed.

“The Chinese Communist Party tells us they want to be our partners. … There is a continuing obligation on the part of reliable partners to share this information,” he added.

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  1. That’s good statesmanship which will warm the hearts of the military industrialists and get the stock market rebounding

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