Rutgers Professor: ‘F*CK Each and Every Trump Supporter”

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Rutgers professor Brittney Cooper slams every Trump supporter

Rutgers University Professor Brittney Cooper viciously attacked supporters of President Trump this week in response to the campaign to end the lockdowns in America.

“Fuck each and every Trump supporter,” Cooper declared on Twitter on Tuesday.

According to Campus Reform, Rutgers University Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Brittney Cooper came under fire this week after initiating the vicious attack in a lengthy Twitter tirade.

“I am saying some obvious things this morning because as a country we are too good at skipping over the audience and we might as well say this to people as often as we can. Fuck each and every Trump supporter. You all absolutely did this. You are to blame,” Cooper wrote in one tweet.

Cooper complained that it is “utterly absurd” to reopen the USA at this stage of the pandemic. According to Cooper, white conservatives want to open the nation because it will “disproportionately” affect black Americans.

“I feel like most Black people are clear that this utterly absurd to push [sic] to re-open the country is all about a gross necropolitical calculation that it is Black people who are dying disproportionately from COVID. Not only do white conservatives not care about Black life, but my most cynical negative read of the white supremacists among them is that they welcome this massive winnowing of Black folks in order to slow demographic shifts and shore up political power.” reports: Professor Cooper has a history of bizarre remarks. In October 2019, Cooper argued during an interview on Oprah’s television network that the policies of the Trump administration have led to high levels of obesity for Black women.

“I hate when people talk about Black women being obese. I hate it because it becomes a way to blame us for a set of conditions that we didn’t create,” Cooper said. “We are living in the Trump era. And look, those policies kill our people. You can’t get access to good health care, good insurance.”

Breitbart News has reached out to Rutgers University for comment on this story.


  1. Get off the grass lady You didn’t get obese under Trump You’ve been obese for years right through Obomos twin terms.

  2. Trump supporters=white? The last I checked, I’m not white. And, I’m obese. Color or nationality or size of a person doesn’t mean to blame one man for all your insecurities.

  3. And she should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED. college is an institution of higher learning and too long have they been an indoctrination for anti American sentiment.

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