Study: Knowing Hillary Clinton Raises Your Chance Of ‘Suicide’ By 500%

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Being close to Hillary Clinton increases your chances of premature death by "suicide" by over 500%, according to a new mathematical study.

Being personally acquainted with Bill and Hillary Clinton increases your chance of premature death by “suicide” by 500%, according to a mathematical study conducted by entrepreneur and author Mark Young.

I am a big proponent of statistics and math,” said Mark Young, explaining why he decided to crunch the numbers surrounding the extraordinarily high number of deaths close to the Clintons over the years.

“Statistics tend to be excellent barometers of probability, and math is fact, not an opinion – which we seem to have an overabundance of.”

The CEO and angel investor then puts the incredibly high number of dead Clinton friends and colleagues into perspective by asking: “How many people do you know or have worked with, that have committed suicide?”

Per Bluntforcetruth: Granted, being the ultimate liberal power couple means you know a lot of people, however, let’s do some math.

As I said, the average person past middle age has known at least two suicide victims. Let’s increase this to the high side and go with my own experience of knowing 3. Over the course of Clinton’s careers 15 people with close ties or investigating the Clintons have committed suicide – that is 500% more than even a high average.

Of the 3 friends that I knew, 2 of them had a history of depression, and the third person had a crushing business failure that he couldn’t come to terms with.

But Clinton compatriots tend to off themselves without the slightest hint of an issue and, sometimes, in the most unusual ways. There are dozens of people surrounding the Clintons who wake up dead from various causes; out of that group, 15 killed themselves, including:

2 that warned Family ahead of time that they we going to be killed

2 that threw themselves out of high rise buildings 

2 that managed to shoot themselves in the back of their head twice (which just seems difficult to me)

Even knowing someone who knows the Clintons causes suicide. Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, under investigation for corruption, had openly committed to testifying against the First Family, (he suddenly died in a plane crash). Not strange enough yet?

The head of the air traffic in Croatia, where the crash took place, shot himself in the chest just 3 days later.

Understand that I have no direct evidence that anyone ordered the murder of these suicide victims, nor am I making any accusations (so no need to kill me); it is very possible that many or all of these suicides can be explained away.

What I am saying is that math matters. When you calculate the odds of a person knowing 15 suicide victims, you quickly realize that it is roughly the same odds as being crushed by a meteorite (FACT). How many people do you know that have even seen a meteorite?

Regardless of the real cause of this rash of suicides, one thing is irrefutable, the Clintons are the Typhoid Mary of suicide and should be avoided by anyone with plans on a long life.

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