FBI Chief Instructed Agents To Lie About Benghazi To Protect Hillary

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FBI boss instructed agents to lie about Benghazi to protect Hillary Clinton

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe instructed agents at the bureau to lie to the public and Congress about the Benghazi attack, in order to protect his pal Hillary Clinton.

Rep. Ron Desantis (R-FL) claims that he recently interviewed a retired FBI supervisor who revealed to him that McCabe instructed him not to refer to the 2012 attack as an act of terrorism when distributing the FBI’s findings to the larger intelligence community – despite knowing that terrorists were responsible for the attack.

The agent found the instruction concerning because his unit had gathered incontrovertible evidence showing a major al Qaeda figure had directed the attack and the information had already been briefed to President Obama, the lawmaker said. -The Hill

Zerohedge.com reports: After the September 11, 2012 attack against U.S. government facilities in Benghazi, Libya, the Obama administration peddled a lie, telling the public that the attack was related to Muslims who had become enraged at an anti-Islam YouTube video, and not a planned act of terrorism – despite Hillary Clinton emailing Chelsea Clinton from her unsecure @clintonemail.com server the night of the attack to say exactly that.

Chelsea – using the pseudonym “Diane Reyonds” probably didn’t have the clearance to receive classified intelligence from her mother, the Secretary of State.

“Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an Al Queda-like group: The Ambassador, whom I handpicked and a young communications officer on temporary duty w a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the same tomorrow.” -Hillary Clinton to Chelsea Clinton

And we now know FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe lied for the Obma administration in a clear, partisan violation of the FBI’s mandate to “detect and prosecute crimes against the United States,” not “lie for the President so as not to offend Islam.”

As Rep. DeSantis told The Hill:

“What operational reason would there be to issue an edict to agents telling them, in the face of virtually conclusive evidence to the contrary, not to categorize the Benghazi attack as a result of terrorism? By placing the interests of the Obama administration over the public’s interests, the order is yet another data point highlighting the politicization of the FBI.”

DeSantis and other GOP lawmakers say they plan to question FBI Director Christopher Wray at a Thursday hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee about claims of growing concern among certain FBI supervisors over political bias clouding decisions at the highest levels of the agency.

The case against the FBI for overt political bias couldn’t be more clear. Over the last week we’ve learned of veteran FBI investigator Peter Strzok’s dismissal for texting his mistress anti-Trump messages, which the DOJ is handing over to the House Intelligence Committee. We also learned yesterday that a second prosecutor on Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel, Andrew Weissmann, praised then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she refused to defend President Trump’s travel ban.

Fox News reports:

A top prosecutor who is now a deputy for Special Counsel Robert Muellers Russia probe praised then-acting attorney general Sally Yates after she was fired in January by President Trump for refusing to defend his controversial travel ban.

The email, obtained by Judicial Watch through a federal lawsuit, shows that on the night of Jan. 30, Andrew Weissmann wrote to Yates under the subject line, I am so proud.

He continued, And in awe. Thank you so much. All my deepest respects.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called the new Weissmann document an astonishing and disturbing find.

“The data points we have regarding politicization are damning enough but appear all the more problematic when viewed against the backdrop of investigations whose ferocity seemed to depend on the target: the Clinton case was investigated with an eye towards how to exonerate her and her associates, while the Russia investigation is being conducted using scorched earth tactics that seek to find anything to use against Trump associates,” DeSantis told The Hill.

DeSantis also said his FBI source pointed to an incident after Trump’s National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigned over lying to Vice President Mike Pence over his contacts with Russia’s ambassador. An FBI executive is said to have made an inappropriate comment during a video teleconference indicating that the agency had a personal motive in investigating Flynn and ruining his career.

“The wildly divergent ways these investigations have been conducted appear to dovetail with the political bias that has been uncovered,” DeSantis said.

In response to the overt political bias at the FBI, the Inspector General’s office (OIG) has launched an investigation into Strzok and other officials connected to both the Clinton email investigation as well as the Trump-Russia investigation. Agent Peter Strzok who was removed for anti-Trump text messages ran both investigations, the latter Trump-Russia having been taking over by Robert Mueller’s probe which he was recently kicked off of.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, meanwhile, is directly under investigation by the OIG for potentially violating the Hatch Act or engaged in ethical conflicts pertaining to his wife’s run for the Virginia senate in 2015 as a Democrat. She received $700,000 in campaign contributions tied to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) – an ally of Hillary Clinton who was under FBI investigation at the time. The Hill reports that records show McCabe attended a March 2015 meeting with McAuliffe designed to secure the governor’s support of Jill McCabe’s candidacy.

As The Hill concludes:

McCabe has said he sought FBI legal advice on how to deal with his wife’s campaign. He nonetheless presided over the Clinton email case until just a few days before it was closed, when he unexpectedly recused himself.

Multiple Republican lawmakers said Wednesday they believe the email case was tainted by political favoritism and special treatment for the 2016 Democratic nominee and planned to press Wray about their concerns.

“We are here today calling for an investigation into FBI systems and procedures that have allowed special treatment and bias to run rampant,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said. “The law demands equal treatment for all, not ‘special’ treatment for some. There is a clear and consistent pattern of treating the Clinton investigation differently than other investigations.”


  1. Why is this guy not in jail??? Why is this guy still working for the FBI??? Why no investigation??? Why is America tolerating this lawlessness??? I’ll gladly listen to ideas from all.

    • Seems our Ag Sessions has been effectively neutered by his recusal regarding anything Russia that he won’t do his job — period. AND we can’t count on Asst. AG Rosenstein either . He’s too busy playing CYA for his friends at FBI & DOJ . Trump should fire Sessions ASAP & put somebody TOUGH but fair in that position — today !

      • Sessions is a deep state plant, just as Ashcroft was for Reagan. Sessions jumped on the Trump bandwagon only after it became clear that Trump would be the winner of the Republican primary. Plots were immediately hatched to contain Trump and return the Uniparty to supremacy. Trump needs to be very careful of the people that he thinks are his lawyers.

        • Why is the President holding onto these people whose loyalty (to him) is questionable? We’re a year into this and there have been very few, if any, indictments. In my view, this is totally inexcusable.

          • Not sure, but somewhere a few months ago, that shortly after his election, up to the inauguration, there was “suspect” of this stuff going on. And who the players were, and the President, was ALLEGEDLY, informed. I would imagine, he already saw what was going on and was asking questions. So, I think there was a plan set in motion, and (truth be known, Sessions is in on the “Bust”) At least that was the so called plan. Eventually, the cards would begin to fall. Giving them all enough rope to hang themselves. Whether that was the idea or not, it seems to be falling into place. They are ALL so pissed off, they still want him gone, but that won’t happen. The Dems are also Complicit, in all of it. This, was supposed to be the PERFECT STORM, so to speak. There was NOTHING or No One to stop them. The FBI, Intelligence, DHS, AG, Courts, (being stacked by Obama), all paid handsomely. How in 8 yrs could we double our DEBT. when there was no reason. Saul Alinsky Book on SOCIALISM. OBAMA was following it to a tee. Sanders being 100 % Socialist, was gathering the YOUNG PEOPLE , who had been led down the “Garden Path”, through Common Core, for 3 Generations of K-12 education. All a neat little package, to deliver HILLARY to the WHITE HOUSE! They were banking on CRUZ to be the Republican Nominee. HMMM? Soros, was funding several of the GOP Candidates, Cruz especially.
            Do you all remember the hassle with the voting machines and the ballots? Think back. Utah was one of the test States where Soros placed one of the “NEW” ones his buddy in England manufactured. Cruz took 62% of the votes? Seriously? No matter now, but STRYOK told his mistress “OH NO! CRUZ JUST DROPPED OUT!” Then it was ALL OUT, no holds barred, to make sure Trump didn’t reach the WHITE HOUSE! By this time there was NOTHING they could do, as HIS BASE was something like never seen. Something they could not reckon with. NO MATTER WHAT THEY THREW AT HIM, worked, the only thing it did was make his BASE SUPPORTERS that much STRONGER! Even LONG TIME DEMS, like myself, and my hubby, LEFT and joined the REPUBLICANS. Thousands were jumping ship. Hillary was making mistakes, people around her who had evidence, mysteriously were dying. Seth Rich, began the mysterious deaths. The rest of the story has been playing out in real time. I cannot wait until the FINALE. The players are getting NERVOUS! Doing anything and everything to distract from what is happening. They know their gooses are burning.
            The final reaction will be HOLLYWOOD ELITES in a SUPER MELTDOWN! The DRIVE-MEDIA, TOTALLY DISTRESSED, the VOTERS who have already been in a Meltdown since she lost, Those people will really be in line for the NUT HOUSE! I don’t know if they will ever recover. And if Obama is ever outed, for the FRAUD HE COMMITTED ON AMERICA, OMG! THIS IS SO MUCH BIGGER THAN ANY SCANDAL EVER FOUND OUT IN THIS COUNTRY!
            HEAVEN HELP US!

      • I would love to see Trump fire Sessions and Rosenstein. Put Judge Jeanine Pirro in as AG and either Guiliani or Napolitano in as Assistant AG. You’ll see the swamp get drained much faster with those two in office

  2. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe instructed agents at
    the bureau to LIE to the public and Congress about the Benghazi attack,
    in order to protect his pal Hillary Clinton… OMGosh why isn’t this butt wipe in jail? Why do these liberals just think it is OK to lie about anything they need to lie about?!?!?!?!?!? I’m so PO’D about this. Our Americans died under this criminals watch!!! Lock them all up and throw away the key!!!!

    • Don’t paint all liberals as corrupt. There are many of us that refused to vote for the Clinton creature because of how corrupt she is. I for one am glad that she lost to Trump no matter how bad he is.
      Many people have left the Democratic Party because they too are corrupt and we have nothing but contempt for Obama.
      The PTB have spent decades dividing us by party and ideas and it’s time for both sides to come together and work on taking back our government from the politicians who are just whores to their donors.

      • Kudos to you, beaglebailey, I love the name, if you were one of those who left the dumocrapic party. I too left the GOP because to many of them were RINOs Republican In Name Only, plus they are as corrupt as the liberals. They were not doing anything to help the people even when they had both the House and Senate. They are all becoming millionaires because they are in bed with the lobbyists. Whoever said, Politicians and babies diapers need to be changed often and both for the same reason was 100% correct! #TermLimits is the answer to the corruption. They did it for the president now they need to do it for the Congress and then the Judicial branch!

      • Yes, agree you, what about a 3rd party called: Liberty Justice for All….people consider me on some issues right of center but I am allergic to the Republican establishment cool-aid.


    • You know there are many honorable, loyal agents in the FBI who take pride in their work. Why are they not “spilling the beans” on those who are subverting the power of the FBI to their own agenda? Heads need to roll.

      • If they know of corruption and don’t expose it, they are as guilty as the corrupt ones. Nuremberg proved that you can’t just sit idly by and watch the law being broken and expect to get a pass. Your Oath demands that you follow the Constitution and ensure justice for all, no matter how highly placed in the government!

  3. This is all bullshit. The reason they spun the story the way they did was that Benghazi was the Libyan military laying seige to the CIA Annex (where all of Hillary’s mercenary groups coordinated with NATO and other allied forces in their illegal war against Libya. We came, we saw, he died…Remember? It wasn’t their first assault on the CIA Annex either. After finding out where “the insurgency” was getting their commands, and coordinating bombing runs/artillery strikes on the cities of Libya, Libya’s military descended on the CIA Annex, and was cut off by US aircraft. They had no air-cover due to the “no-fly zone” we had been maintaining over Libya for the previous 11 months, and were completely routed.

    What few remained spent months getting anyone who would fight organized, and they were the ones who took Benghazi. Stevens was proof. He was treated as he had instructed our mercenaries to treat their beloved leader. If you can watch that scene and doubt it, you weren’t paying much attention to what Hillary had been doing in Libya while Secretary of State.


  4. When you at the @FBI or @CIA are caught fabricating obvious lies like they did following Benghazi, it leaves people hesitant to believe anything you say and mistrusting anything you do. Putting your career above the truth does this. And just not saying anything is just as bad. We all have to face this in our lives. The consequences of failure are having to live with the lies forever, even after they…and you…have been debunked. It’s something your Momma should have taught you.

  5. Lock him up, throw away the key. Or he can apply for a job with Russia’s FSB. Perhaps station chief in Siberia, yeah!! Great idea

      • Intent has no bearing here; it is not, and has never been part of the statute.
        Gross Negligence is all that is Required….. and There is PLENTY of Evidence that Clinton
        was Grossly Negligent in most of the things she did, because she was doing her work to the Benefit of……. Herself,
        Rather than doing the job the American People were paying her to do!!

  6. Note this employee mentioned this to DeSantis after retiring. Why did he not report it when it happened? Yet, neither he or the dozens of other FBI agents ever picked up the phone and called the whistleblower’s hotline and informed anybody when this blatant, corrupt order was given. That is the real problem. These Federal agencies, not just the high ranking political appointees, are rotten to the core. Institutionalized corruption cesspool = Federal government.

    • Oh Right….. While Obama and Killary were in charge?? He would have been Suicided before dawn the next day!!

      • Federal law stipulates that their names not be released, and makes it unlawful for federal employees to seek retribution or punish whistle blowers. Secondly, during the entire 8 years of Obama I do not recall one whistle blower blowing the whistle on anything. Looks like low tolerance for risk, or lack of moral courage to me.

        • I was a whistleblower on a scam going on in S. Korea in the year 2000 concerning millions of dollars in contracts being awarded to certain contractors who then, in turn, provided certain people with hundreds of thousands of dollars in kick backs. I wrote to the DOD hotline and when things got back to the 8th Army Commander and then back down to the Colonel in charge of my department, I had already left country because I knew he would have literally crucified me. I learned NEVER EVER do that again. Now things are finally coming out into the open and I hope it gets way down in the weeds of the deep state. As long as DJT is in power he is in mortal danger, but if he can survive the next 7 years our country may be closer to recovering from this horrible demonic entity that infects all of D.C.

          • I partially agree. The real problem with the deep state are 3 things. 1) Outmoded and inefficient civil service laws and personnel management regulations where it is 99.8% impossible to fire anybody; 2) Federal agencies’ Incestuous relationship with the government employee unions where labor agreements tie the hands of management to eliminate subpar-performers and to discipline knuckleheads; 3) Many departments & agencies have been politicized and were used by Obama against his political enemies (FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, IRS, DofS, & DHs to name a few).

      • I’d counter your point that “whistleblowers did not get far under Obama.” It implies there were some who tried to blow the whistle. My point is there were no records of any that tried. As current events have proven, many are in fact Democrat political activists in Federal government uniforms.

  7. FBI was totally compromised by the Obama and Clinton Regimes. They have senior officials that need to be investigated for crimes against the US.

  8. NO WONDER Trump called the FBI agency into question – as to their level of honesty!!! And then the FBI officials shot back that they should not be put down! Really? My mom used to tell me “the proof was in the pudding”! Well, seems that the FBI is tasting like crap after all! WE CAN WE TRUST?

  9. Washington, DC is nothing but a playground for those who line their pockets with our money.
    After all the time they use up chasing women it’s amazing they have time for anything else.

  10. This is what happens when the government can lie, but the citizens (subjects) cannot. The government becomes dishonest when there is a double-standard. No government official is held responsible because the little people have no more say. The courts are working with the executive branch to thwart lady justice and the truth.

  11. The FBI needs to be disestablished. It is only one more Democrat presidential term from becoming the KGB, charged with defending the supremacy of the Party. I would rather rely on the Sheriff and my own guns.

  12. This is abominable! Trust once broken is nearly impossible to repair. I am appalled at how low people will sink to support someone as corrupt as the Clintons, Obama, etc etc. There is no honor, no love of country, no duty to your fellow citizens? What kind of reward do these toadies get to make this treason acceptable? There is a special place in hell for all of you.

    • I agree with you Gayle Putt, I am appalled at people for still rallying around this evil nasty thieving lying MURDERING BITCH KILLARY BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI!!!!!!!!!

  13. John 18:38 “What is truth, retorted Pilate.”
    “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”* Hillary Clinton, Jan 23, 2013

    *Ambassador Stephens is unavailable for comment.

  14. The case against the FBI The case against the FBI? Are you stupid – there is no FBI going to jail or prison. Moronic writing here.

  15. Anybody with half a brain knew it was terrorism, knew it was a cover up and already knows the FBI is full of hypocrisy.

  16. May the slow wheels of our country’s social Justice finally grind this double-crossing guy into nothing at all.

  17. This is an excellent opportunity for Americans to see the two sets of rules. The first set is for the average American and the other set is for the elite politicians. Summation, set one goes to jail or is fired, set two, NOTHING ! Better yet, he will receive full retirement benefits, healthcare for life and work as a lobbyist making millions.

  18. McCabe, Obama, Clinton, Penetta, Rice, Flapper, Brennan, all belong behind bars! They all Lied, committed Fraud and all share in the Deaths and many injuries in Benghazi! Their acts are Treasonist and deserve the fate all of what happens to those that commit Treason!

  19. Lets also not forget the rumors that McCabe is a convert to Islam. If he collects one penny of his pension we need to stop paying taxes.

  20. Gee could this be the REAL reason Gowdy is leaving. Could he have been in on the lie?? I would not put anything passed any of them even Gowdy who did nothing with Benghazi except whine.

  21. Don’t expect TRAITOR Jeff Sessions to do anything about it!
    “…It’s a shame Jeff Sessions was Compromised and now is being blackmailed and/or taking bribes to look the other way…. ..piece of shi*t “useful idiot” TRAITOR Mr. “Recuse and Refuse” Jeff Sessions doesn’t support or help Trump and refuses to prosecute criminal democraps!
    Now let’s all thank Mr. Recuse and Refuse Jeff Sessions for giving them a pass…” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/63a6705080bb33c128706e93e05a80417e9d72eccc14172ce278780c8b653aa0.jpg

  22. Andrew Weissman, cited above, was the “star” of the book “Licensed to Lie” about his over-reaching, illegal prosecutorial actions on the Enron Legal Team.

  23. It’s time for these asshats to do hard time…either our justice department does it’s job, or maybe it’s time to hang them alongside the rest of these criminals and traitors,from the nearest streetlamp preferably.

  24. “No. Then ADIC McCabe played no role” i[n support of his wife’s campaign, or her receiving ~$750k], except for that wet canoodle for HRC, having his agents lie about Benghazi for her benefit.

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