Outrage Over Target’s Trans Nutcracker & Disabled Black Santa Christmas Decorations

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Target has sparked outrage over its ‘woke’ Christmas ornaments.

Internet users mocked the retail chain this week for selling Christmas decorations like a nutcracker holding a trans flag and wearing a rainbow flag hat and a black Santa Claus sitting in a wheelchair.

It seems that Target is still pushing the LGBT agenda despite seeing Bud Light’s post-Dylan Mulvaney partnership downfall and suffering a boycott of its own earlier this year due to the store’s Pride Month collection.

InfoWars reports: Podcast host Tim Pool posted a screenshot of the paraplegic Santa’s listing on the Target website to his X account, writing, “omg its real.”

Both items are still listed on the Target website.

Satire news website The Babylon Bee posted an article mocking the products with a headline reading, “Target Releases Trans Muslim Chinese Quadruple Amputee Santa.”

The following X user’s rant about the peculiar products pointed out how Target went from advertising LGBT products to children to now corrupting the Christian holiday Christmas with homosexual propaganda.

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