FBI: Las Vegas Massacre Carried Out by ISIS & Antifa – Media Blackout

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FBI report suggests Las Vegas massacre was carried out by ISIS and Antifa

A new bombshell report provides evidence that the 2017 Las Vegas shooting was not the work of a “lone gunman” but was a terrorist attack perpetrated by two men with ties to ISIS and Antifa.

The “All Source Assessment,” entitled “Attack on the Route 91 Country Music Festival,” was prepared for Rich Higgins, a former Trump campaign advisor and member of Trump’s National Security Council.

Headlineusa.com reports: While the report suggested that “attack was likely planned as well as logistically and financially coordinated entirely by Stephen Paddock,” it also found that Brian Hodge, the Australian man who claimed to have been staying in the room next to Paddock’s at the Mandalay Bay hotel when the attack took place, “is a reasonably suspicious person of interest and deserves a much greater level of scrutiny.”

Hodge had “possible ties to Islamic organizations and a possible [ISIS] linkage” as well as a “personal profile . . . more befitting of a left wing or Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA) affiliate,” the report claimed.

In the aftermath of the shooting, ISIS claimed that Paddock had converted to Islam and committed the massacre on its behalf.

“A soldier of the caliphate attacked a gathering of 22,000 Americans at a concert in the city of Las Vegas, resulting in nearly 60 killed and 600 injured,” ISIS reported in one of its online magazines.

The FBI, however, found no ISIS connection during its investigation.

“We have determined, to this point, no connection with an international terrorist group,” an FBI special agent said in an October 2017 statement.

According to CNN, the FBI closed its investigation into the mass shooting in January 2019 “without finding a clear motive for Paddock’s actions.”


    • FBI, CIA and ATF all need to be dismantled, criminals fed to sharks. But they will sadly continue to thrive and wreck our nation.

    • This is just the newest set of lies. Listen to the first person accounts of the attacks and you find way more than two perps.

      Whoever called the US the “empire of lies” was 100% correct. They lie, even when they have no reason to. It’s habitual.

        • It’s not habit It’s NECESSITY. The actual interactions between the powerful families on the planet are so convoluted from centuries of trying to establish mitary moral spiritual supremacy over their rivals has created such a twisted picture the truth would shatter the peoples illusions totally.

      • I remember initial reports said there were victims at the concert area, and additional shootings in nearby bars or casinos as well. I can’t remember who the reporter was, unfortunately. I just remember a lot of people who were interviewed from different areas around complex said they were certain there were multiple shooters and that some of these shooters were up close and personal. Sadly. more buried truth we shall never be privy to. God bless the victims and their families.

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    • Here’s something you might find shatters your American centrist belief system. Australia’s biggest bank was convicted of tens of thousands of criminal charges of funding terrorism specifically ISIS The media said about 40,000 charges but a employee told me it was actually way more A deal was done to hush it all up and sweep it under the rug as not in the public interest to know the truth.

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