New Photo of Justin Trudeau in Blackface Surfaces on Election Day

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New photograph of Justin Trudeau in blackface emerges on Canadian election day

A new photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in blackface has emerged on the day of Canada’s federal election.

Canada’s federal election will take place tonight, September 20. Another photo of Trudeau in blackface, likely from an “Arabian Nights” themed party, has been leaked to the media just hours before citizens head to the polls. reports: Recall, a photo of Justin Trudeau at an “Arabian Nights” themed party from 2001 previously surfaced but it did not derail his political career.

This is liberal privilege at its finest.

Trudeau was also on video dancing in blackface and black skin paint on his arms, hands and knees.



  1. Arabian Nights? My first thought was the dark-skinned Moor Othello in Shakespeare’s play, who murdered his wife in a fit of jealous rage. Either way, isn’t sticking his tongue out like that one of those covert occult symbols? I know, could be just being silly. But I heard that it’s sometimes used that way (and see the face on the Mayan calendar stone, etc.). Also see Isaiah 57:4
    “Against whom do you jest?
    Against whom do you open wide your mouth
    And stick out your tongue?
    Are you not children of rebellion,
    Offspring of deceit,”

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