New York Times Says Balenciaga Pedo Scandal Is ‘Fake News’; Demands BANNING of Users Who Speak Out

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New York Times says Balenciaga scandal is fake news

The New York Times has declared that the Balenciaga pedophile scandal is nothing more than ‘fake news’, and has demanded that social media giants censor anybody speaking out about it online.

In their report, the Times suggests that only the likes of QAnon, Tucker Carlson, The New York Post, and Fox News are spreading the idea that the luxury fashion brand condones pedophilia.

This is despite clear evidence showing Balenciaga executives approving of and participating in sickening child sex and Satanic rituals. reports: The piece states “they ignited a firestorm that traveled from the internet to Fox News, fueled by allegations that Balenciaga condoned child exploitation. The controversy has become one of the most explicit collisions of internet culture, politics, fashion and conspiracy theories to date.”

It further posits that “As online criticism of the campaigns spread, the story was picked up across right-leaning media outlets, including The New York Post and the prime time Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight. The show has helped to publicize and mainstream QAnon, the internet conspiracy theory that ‘a group of Satan-worshiping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media.’”

The report adds “Here you have a major international retail brand promoting kiddie porn and sex with children,” Mr. Carlson told viewers on Nov. 22, “and not promoting it subtly but right out in the open.”

A reminder of the shoot in question…

Go down the rabbit hole and it’s even more brutal…

The fashion company even apologised and brought a lawsuit against the ad agency responsible.

Many charged that the Times is protecting the fashion label:



  1. The only Church no one ever attacks? Why hasn’t the Pope questioned the Morality of the Church of Satan? Isn’t that his Fundamental business as the Vicar of Christ?

  2. They are the apostles of the evil one, may god strike him and his demonic legion down! Please! Let the powers of the universe make it come true.

    This is jet another clear proof of the protection by legacy media to cover-up the sickening horrors they have in mind for all of us. But, then they have to show their real plans and hands to force us into submission. How long do we comply?

    How long will it take before they start hunting down ‘infidels’?

  3. Read the microfilmed NY Times 1876: the NY Times was sobbing when George Custer got killed before he could slaughter a village of 3,000 women and children.

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