Balenciaga Executive Ousted as a Satanic Pedophile – Media Blackout

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Balenciaga executive ousted as satanic pedophile

One of Balenciaga’s top executives has been ousted as prolific pedophile who openly worships Satan, according to investigators.

The social media of Balenciaga’s senior stylist Lotta Volkova reveals a disturbing predilection for sadistic imagery involving child rape, witchcraft and Satanism. reports: Balenciaga came under fire last week after releasing a grotesque ad campaign featuring young children holding teddy bears wearing bondage gear.

One photo even showed a printout of a Supreme Court case that ruled over the constitutionality of a law prohibiting the pandering of child pornography.

But what does Volkova have to do with the Balenciaga scandal?

It turns out, Volkova has worked with Chris Maggio, the photographer who took the pictures featuring the Supreme Court child pornography ruling, for Double Magazine.

Volkova’s dark style is not too far off from the Balenciaga bondage teddy bears, judging from her social media content.

WARNING: The following images depict extremely graphic and disturbing content. Viewer discretion strongly advised (nudity has been censored):

A recurring theme in her photos is the depiction of children in distress or suffering and their interfacing with demonic forces.

Volkova invokes Moloch in this photo, referring to the ancient Canaanite god who thrived on child sacrifice.

Others feature more straightforward BDSM and Satanic themes, with one image she posted in 2017 simply saying, “Devil worshippers perform gruesome rituals in forests.”

Volkova’s influence in the fashion world is made apparent in a couple ways.

For example, well-known fashion designer Marc Jacobs praised one of Volkova’s weird photos of a child with a big grin laying down.

Volkova claimed this fetish-themed photoshoot was a collaboration with fashion brand Chanel.

Volkova appears to have a proclivity for teddy bears in several of her photos, leading some to speculate that she may have had some indirect involvement in the creative direction of the bondage bears photoshoot.

Unfortunately, Volkova’s penchant for the occult is unsurprising given her employer Balenciaga’s recent scandal.

In addition to the bondage bears and the Supreme Court child porn case, other subliminal images inserted into the photoshoot revealed the fashion brand’s curious ties to the occult.

For example, a book by Belgian artist Michael Borremans is seen in the Balenciaga ad below.

Borremans’ artwork in other books and exhibits around the world feature grotesque imagery of naked, bloody and butchered children.

After wiping its social media accounts and issuing an apology, Balenciaga announced a $25 million lawsuit against the producers of the controversial ads, North Six, Inc. and set designer Nicholas Des Jardins.

Kim Kardashian, one of Balenciaga’s top ambassadors, finally condemned the fashion brand Sunday after several days of silence, claiming she needs to “re-evaluate” her relationship with the brand after being “shaken by the disturbing images.”



  1. They have been fooled into believing in an entity that does not exist, and their actions have become the very offenses which they themselves in their best conscious understanding consider to be the worst possible things. They are horribly deluded. And to get that way they risked losing everything. To accept reality once again — if they ever do — they will first need to understand that the human individuals against whom they have sinned most seriously and enduringly is themselves.

  2. Were have all the real pastors, all those multi-millionaire con men pastors with many jets that fly around to fleece their flocks and all the sane humans gone. These demonic people are the children of Satin and evil incarnate, they are child molesters, perverts and pedophiles. Thousands of children disappear yearly in this $hit hole country and most are more worried about their beer, sports teams and getting their next fix.

  3. Sadism is identified with the combination of red and black.
    Remember the fashion show in Spain recently?The one I made a point of.
    Spain has tradition of red and black. Centuries old. They IMO have always been a very curious nation indeed.
    King Juan Carlos the famous philander er is also well known to despise Jesus and Christians and absolutely forbids his Christian wife from ever sayi g the name Jesus in his presence.

  4. If you’ve seen the murder scene at the Manson Family killing at Doris Days sons home that was rented by Tate and Polanski you will recognise the similarities. Manson told Sadie to leave something witchy She didn’t She just wrote pigs or something It was supposed to be witchy.
    The Polish man had the monopoly on mdma sales in LA at the time. The hairderesserknows as the hairdresser to the stars really was using his connections and his shop to move drugs to the stars and launder money. The heiress, who loved across the road from Mama Cass was heavily funding all sorts of anti social activities and Sharon, who was making pornos with famous men, was known to have said “people don’t understand, Satan is Beutiful” and stared in several Satan based movies
    It’s all connected.

    • BTW that son Doris refused to have anything to do with and none of her family were allowed to even visit her. The father of Terry was the man who almost bankrupted her I think by stealing her money after having her sterilised together with the studio doctors. Terry I think, from memory from years and years ago actually did save her by producing the TV show that made her rich again, but which she hated doing. Anyway that was 1968 and after it ended she just left the business basically completely.
      The neighbours to the murder House when asked why they didn’t react to hearing the screamings and gun shots just said that was normal there

      • Actually Terry had sold it to a foreigner of shady character who leased it to Polanski, I just remembered because his mum told him to because she had been warned that the house was going to be consequential in some way
        But I won’t forget seeing Diane Sawyer ghoulish ly almost gloating at the scene when shi interviewed the owner nor her delight when questioning Charles Manso and him saying very pointedly directly to her face, that he told Sadie to leave something witchy and him looking straight into Fiannes eyes saying “that’s what you would do, isn’t it”

  5. Apprently Australia’s own Nicole Kindman refuses to distance herself from said operation. She was born into Occult family according to Aussie abuse survivor Fiona Barnett.

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