Polish Study Confirms Risk From Vaccines Far Greater Than Benefits

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Polish Study Confirms Risk From Vaccines Far Greater Than Benefits

A Polish study conducted in 2012 confirms what many have been saying for a long time, that the risks from vaccines far outweigh any of their perceived benefits.

Scientists at the Department of Pediatric Rehabilitation at the Medical University of Bialystok compared a typical childhood vaccination schedule in Poland with those of other countries around the world.

They then evaluated the adverse effects associated with the administration of multiple vaccines as well as how individual vaccines affect immunological development and responses.

The study was published in the journal Progressive Health Sciences

News Target reports:

Chemical preservatives, adjuvants and other common vaccine additives were also taken into consideration, and careful attention was given to post-vaccination reactions to vaccines containing these ingredients. More than 70 scientific studies on these aspects were evaluated as part of the review.

“Reports in many Polish and foreign medical journals lead us to conclude that postvaccinal complications among children can be observed in sporadic cases and that they are disproportionate to the benefits of vaccination in the elimination of dangerous diseases in childhood,” explains the study.

Risks vs. benefits: Vaccines aren’t really worth it

After looking at the historical data, Dorota Sienkiewicz and her colleagues determined that vaccines do cause significant harm to its recipients. Aside from the typically known adverse reactions from vaccines (ranging from minor allergic reactions to severe encephalitis), vaccines also obstruct the normal physiological progression of natural immunity.

During normal childhood development, non-specific immunity is gradually formed over time, beginning in the womb with the transfer of maternal antibodies from a child’s mother and continuing on into early toddlerhood. This natural process of immune formation establishes lifelong immunity to various diseases as they are encountered.

Vaccines, however, interfere with this process by overriding non-specific immune formation and bombarding specific immunity with antigens, adjuvants and chemicals. At best, these injections provide temporary immunity, only aided by “booster” shots at regular intervals to maintain it. At worst, this overriding creates lasting immune damage, potentially triggering autoimmune diseases.

“[E]xperimental evidence clearly shows, that simultaneous administration of as little as two to three immune adjuvants, or repeated stimulation of the immune system by the same antigen can overcome genetic resistance to autoimmunity,” explains the study.

Vaccine science is inherently flawed

The immune system is also incredibly complex, having been designed in such a way as to provide multiple layers of protection against outside invaders. But vaccines interfere with these layers — and since they are far from perfect, being man-made with no possibility of ever being perfected, they threaten to damage real immunity, in some cases permanently.

This is especially true regarding vaccine adjuvants, which are claimed to stimulate an immune response. It is near impossible to balance these adjuvants, along with vaccine preservatives, substrate proteins and other additives, to attain the proper immune response, which puts many people at risk.

“[W]hile it is generally accepted that potency and toxicity of immune adjuvants must be adequately balanced so that the necessary immune stimulation is achieved with minimal side effects, in practical terms, such a balance is very difficult to achieve,” explains the report.

“This is because the same adjuvant-mediated mechanisms which drive to the immune-stimulatory effects of vaccines have the capacity to provoke a variety of adverse reactions.”

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