Severed Head Found Outside Amsterdam Cafe

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"It made me think of the middle ages, or the Middle East"

Severed Head Found Outside Amsterdam Cafe

A severed head  was found staring through the windows of the Fayrouz Shisha Lounge in Amsterdam at 7.30am on Wednesday.

Police are checking to see if the head belongs to a headless body that was found in a burnt-out car earlier on the outskirts of the city.

Belfast Telegraph reports:

The car, found in the southeastern suburb of Amsterdam, was registered as stolen and had no number plates.

It was found inside a blue bucket on the pavement and it was “turned so that his face looked through the windows”, according to Telegraaf.head

Detectives identified the body as 23-year-old Nabil Amzieb, and said he was “known to police.”

The man is thought to be part of the city’s Moroccan mafia, according to the Telegraaf.

Local media reports the location where the head was found is a significant place for the gangs of the city, who are involved in what the paper calls the “Mocro war”.head

“It seemed to have been placed in such a way that the head was staring in through the windows of the cafe, like a kind of signal,” Stan Koeman, who runs a snack bar in the area, told Het Parool newspaper.

“It looked really bizarre. Not something you expect to see on a Dutch street. It made me think of the middle ages, or the Middle East. I’m OK now, but I don’t think I’ll be sleeping very well tonight.”

Police are urgently appealing to speak to any witnesses of both incidents or who may have information on Nabil Amzieb.

Martin kok YouTube video:


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