Report: Napoleon Bonaparte And The Microchip? A Hoax?

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While doing some research on Napoleon Bonaparte I came across several interesting articles that caught my attention. From headlines like; “Napoleon, an alien abductee” to “high Tech implant found in Napoleons skull”, the list went on. I turned my research towards finding out more about this topic, and well there is quite a lot of chatter about this one.

Before anything, I searched for Dr. Andre Dubois but didn’t manage to find out much about him. What I did learn is that Dr. Dubois is a french researcher who obtained funding from the French government to examine the skull of Napoleon Bonaparte, according to the sources we have checked, he received 140,000 USD$ for his research ( there are other sources as the image below, that state he received only 90.000 USD$ for his research). The only actual information we were able to find out about Dr. Dubois is the one found here.

If that is the actual Dr. Dubois that examined Napoleons skull, we know that Dr. Dubois is a professor of medicine and chief of the laboratory of gastrointestinal and liver studies at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, Maryland. In 1963, Dubois graduated magna cum laude from the University of Brussels Medical School (UBMS). Later he obtained his PhD. in physiology and surgery at UBMS, again with honors. Dubois completed his residency at the Department of Surgery for both the University Hospital St. Pierre, Brussels, Belgium and the Military Hospital of Brussels, Belgium. He also boasts fellowships from the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, Peter Bend Brigham Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston.

Dubois has been a member of the Digestive Disease Core Centers Study Section of the National Institutes of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases. He is also a member of the American Federation of Clinical Research, and the American Physiological Society. Additionally, he has served as associate editor of the journal “Prostaglandins”.

The goal was to determine the relatively “small height” of the French Emperor, who was 1.68 metres (5 ft 6 in) tall, which actually is an average height at that time, so he wasn’t really short at all. (Napoleon’s height was 5 ft 2 in in French measure according to Antommarchi at Napoleon’s autopsy, whereas British sources put his height at 5 ft 6 in imperial measure: both equivalent to 1.68 m). He was nicknamed le petit caporal, but that wasn’t because of  his height.

I was hoping to learn whether he suffered from a pituitary disorder that contributed to his small stature,” he explained. But instead the researcher found something far more extraordinary: “As I examined the interior of the skull, my hand brushed across a tiny protrusion. “I then looked at the area under a magnifying glass – and was stunned to find that the object was a super-advanced microchip. – Dr. Dubois

The news about Napoleon’s microchip hit the media in 1997 when George Sanford from Weekly World News wrote an article about the French emperor titled ” Alien Implant Found In Napoleon’s Skull!”, we managed to find a copy of the article that was published, see image below.

The only source that we were able to find was Weekly World News, no french journal published the story nor mentioned it in the past, so personally, im very skeptical about it. Weekly World News posted the article online on the 11th of August 2011. (source)

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