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Note: This article has been retracted.

Note: This article has been retracted.


  1. I’m so tired of all tucks b/s He knows perfectly well as a student from Trinity College that the Democrats are the Catholic party.

  2. And tuck sits there well paid and heroicly reads his teleprompter script without the least emotion or even concern Always the “stony face” that is absolutely the Hall mark of the fraudulent rehearsed deceiving Co offender and Co conspirators You will see it in court rooms constantly. And on news and current affairs and in lecture theatres and especially on Dr good ies face and your friends in legal financial services Any time you see the facial muscles being controlled to look non committal, the blank canvas that children wear so well, the mask of deceit beware.

  3. I’m fed up with the whole rwviltingly deceitful manipulative conniving industry that puts up their fox on the run channel to cover the whole field by casting a wide net of hooks and snares to entrap every possible culprit on their money milking operations. The usual niche market share with its potential for gains. Exploitation their motivation and belittling Tuck and his little band of outsiders as “democratic freedom of the press” is about as realistic as Snow White. Its crafted deceit. That’s all Tuck WILL NEVER tell the truth.

  4. When will they stop people from asking about Jeffrey Epstein? Why were the victims CHRISTIAN children and the abusers were almost all JEWISH? WHY WHY WHY??????????????????????????????????? This isn’t a text so it might stay up on this post.

  5. Why were all of the victims on Epstein Island CHRISTIAN children and yet the abusers were mostly ….from a certain middle eastern j)&ich country?

    • Not true Epstein and Maxwell were but the rest were basically white anglo trash pedophiles in political power Like the Ckingons .Apparently the Windsor family were represented Australias former PM paul Keatings daughter, Virginia was the girl randy andy the English dandy was seen photographed waving goodbye to from the front door. Total msm blackout though except to identify ,as good neo nazis a certain minority group .As usual

  6. No heresy permitted And now One America News isn’t allowed to load on Austral8a in Chrome or Google browsers
    Errorcestavlishing a Database message Well good because their moderators are as evil as RTees mob of murdering hacking violating bullying stalking criminals.

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