Parents Take Kids Out Of Schools Who Impose Mandatory Vaccine Law

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California mandatory vaccination law sees parents home schooling their children

Californian parents are taking the law into their own hands, and taking their children out of school since the mandatory vaccine law was introduced. 

Sarah Ford from the Homeschoolers organisation confirmed that there has been a significant increase in home schooling recently. reports:

“The word on the streets is that, yes, people are coming to home schooling,” said Sarah Ford, membership director for Sonoma County Homeschoolers Nonprofit in northern California.

The controversial mandate, co-authored by state Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician backed by the California Medical Association, requires any student in public or private school to have 10 vaccinations as an attendance requirement, with some exceptions for medical conditions.

En route to passage, the proposal sparked scathing controversy on both sides of the issue, with opponents (wearing red to symbolize children who have been harmed by vaccines and often with their own kids in tow) regularly flooding hearings at the state capitol to protest.

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