Judge Spares Pedophile Dwarf From Prison Because He Would Have A ‘Very Hard Time’

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A dwarf who incited teenage girls to carry out sex acts on Facebook was spared jail.

Bryan Anthony Bowen approached the two young girls aged 13 and 15 on Facebook, sending them obscene messages and asking for naked pictures.

Judge Rhys Rowland said that Bowen, 26, was ‘small in stature and emotionally inadequate’, saying he would have a hard time in prison.

RT reports: Bowen, of Welshpool, Powys, contacted the children, aged 13 and 15, online. In one message to the older girl, he wrote: “I will f*** you for your birthday present,” Mold Crown Court heard. When police searched his laptop, they found he had told the 13-year old that she was “fit as f***.”

Judge Rhys Rowland said Bowen was “small in stature and emotionally inadequate” as he spared him a jail term, according to The Sun. He had no previous convictions and the judge said that, while what he had done was “very, very wrong,” he would have a very hard time if he was sent to prison.

Bowen was instead handed down a 28-week prison sentence suspended for two years. He will also be registered as a sex offender for 10 years. The judge told Bowen that the girls had “quite enough on their plates” without men like him pestering them and asking for photographs. He added that Bowen had been “trying to live out some sort of fantasy.”

Prosecuting, Anna Price told the court that the 15-year old had contacted the police after Bowen sent her explicit messages and asked her “Do you want to f***?” Another message sent to the 13-year old was later discovered. He commented on her appearance and asked if she had a boyfriend.

After his arrest, Bowen told police that he thought the girls were over 16 years old, but later pleaded guilty to two counts of inciting a child to carry out a sex act.

Defending, Dafydd Roberts urged the judge not to jail Bowen, who has learning difficulties, and called for him to be given a rehabilitation order. The order includes a three-month curfew between 9pm and 7am.


  1. Justice should be served. I say throw his pedophile ass in the meanest prison in nothing but his underwear. Until the punishment fits the crime, would be criminals have little to fear.

  2. yes he deserves jail.. but the parents of the girls deserve a good beating for allowing their children to be on facebook..any parent who denies facebook is evil should have their children removed from them..when are parents going to wake up… and accept responsibility for the children they have irresponsibly bred… fucking idiot parents of this modern time…

  3. True pedophilia–is under the age of twelve. This is sexual immorality–not criminal. The young women in question–obviously not children.

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