Passenger Captures Weird Humanoid Walking On Cloud

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Airplane passenger captures weird humanoid creature walking across a cloud

A passenger on board a European flight captured a picture of what appears to be a humanoid creature walking on the clouds. 

Passengers on an Easyjet flight from Austria to Ireland were stunned when they witnessed a large robot-like creature walking around on the clouds.

Nick O’Donoghue snapped pictures of the creature and uploaded them to social media as soon as he landed, where it quickly took the Internet by storm.

The pictures first appeared on and then later on other sites such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. Hundreds of users think the pictures resemble The Iron Giant while others compared them to the cloud men in James And The Giant Peach.


Daily Mail reports:

One user wrote ‘[It] looks like the Iron Giant’, which was soon backed up by many others, who stated that they had thought the same thing. A woman replied: ‘I was gonna say the same thing! Reminds me of the end of the movie.’

Some online posters said that the figure was in fact two smokestacks from a power plant or factory.

Mr O’Donoghue however, told MailOnline Travel that he believes the figure resembled the Michelin man.

He said: ‘I was flying back from a work ski trip in Austria, I was on the window seat with two work colleges beside me.

‘They were talking like crazy and I was gazing out the window, as you do. I could see this figure in the distance in front of us and then as we flew closer this shape appeared.

‘I asked the ladies beside me to look at it too in case I was seeing things. They too were amazed! I then took some pictures and then the aircraft slowly passed it.

‘It was in view for about two minutes as it was a good bit away in the distance. To me it looked like the Michelin man but to be honest I have no idea what it was.

‘Some comments online said it was smoke stacks below and the heat from them pushed up the layer of clouds, but I don’t think so as they looked very close together.

‘Probably just a funky cloud formation but I’d love for someone who knows about clouds to see it and try and explain.’

In October thousands of people in China claimed they had seen a ‘floating city’ in the sky.

Residents of Jiangxi and Foshan were stunned when they saw what they thought to be towering sky scrapers appearing from the clouds.

While many believed they had seen parallel universes, weather experts say the phenomenon was down to an optical illusion known as a Fata Morgana.

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