So…. There Are Still A Quarter MILLION People Imprisoned In “Ebola Quarantine”

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Ebola Prisoners

While we were sleeping, and news of the Ebola virus literally is clogging the airways of western nations, many seem to forget that… oh yeah – LITERALLY over a quarter MILLION people are in the equivalent of a Nazi ghetto imprisoned with food supplies, fresh water, and bare necessities almost gone.


According to an article on RYOT, “The U.N.’s World Food Program on Saturday delivered emergency food rations to 265,000 people, many of them quarantined in Sierra Leone, to help fight the spread of Ebola.

Food supplies are being distributed in the Waterloo district on the outskirts of Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, WFP’s Alexis Masciarelli told the Associated Press.”

Um… that’s nice, but the west might want to pay attention because these people are literally (250,000+ of them) trapped by jail bars encircling their city.  Conspiracy theorists might want to take a second look at FEMA camps being secret – because, by the looks of this – any major city could be instantly walled off and turned into a jail/prison/camp.

And this is in what is technically considered a third world country – Ebola is sure making it very easy for the people in power to just.. lock a bunch of people up.

According to other numbers released by an article from Al Jazeera:  “More than one third of West African country’s population now unable to move freely as government battles Ebola epidemic.

To everyone saying Ebola is a hoax, have you ever considered reading between the lines?  It really doesn’t matter if Ebola is really ravaging the world or not.  Let’s make one thing abundantly clear:  as Orwellian and scary as it sounds:  Ebola is real because they say it is real.  Who are they?  You can decide for yourself, but I’d say start with the media and government… just don’t fall too far down the rabbit hole.


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