Top Democrat: Why Is Our Party Supporting Criminal Illegal Aliens?

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Top Democrat George Norcross asks why the party support criminal illegal aliens

New Jersey Democrat George Norcross has slammed the party for seemingly supporting criminal illegal aliens.

Speaking at a Camden County Chamber of Commerce event, Norcross expressed amazement that his once beloved party is running on a platform of legalizing and giving free health care to up to 22 million illegals.

“I have at times told people in Washington, whether it was Majority Leader Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi: ‘Why is the Democratic Party supporting criminals that are here illegally,’” asked Norcross.

“If you’re a criminal, you do not belong here. And the American public doesn’t want it. Why do we as a party support that? I don’t understand it. And that’s why the Democratic Party has not been attractive to certain elements of the working class of our country,” he added. reports: Norcross’ remarks again highlight the mystery as to why nearly every Democrat running for president has advocated an open border amnesty while indicating that Americans will be forced to pay for illegals’ free health care.

The Democrats’ move to embrace and normalize fringe voices within the party, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, doesn’t look like it will be a successful election strategy.

As we highlighted yesterday, an internal poll of swing Democrat voters found that just 22% have a favorable view of AOC while a meager 9% have a favorable view of Ilhan Omar.

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  1. Did he complain when the criminal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using an illegal personal server for official business?
    Did he complain when the criminal President Bill Clinton committed war crimes against Serbia and set up a criminal narco state called Kosovo?
    Did he complain when Barak Obama attacked Libya followed by Syria?
    Has he ever complained about the “pay-to-play” culture that rules the decision making?
    And on and on the questions could go…
    Although he is right to question why politicians are supporting a select group of people who break the law. If the immigrants can break laws that don’t suit them, why can’t everyone else?

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