America Is About To Get A HUGE Dose of Fukushima Radiation

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In other news, you know that radiation that’s been piling on our planet since the Fukushima disaster?  Yeah, it’s about to get a whole hell of a lot worse for America’s West Coast.

According to an article on RYOT:  “According to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, radiation from Japan’s 2011 Fukushima disaster is advancing on North America’s West Coast.

Because government organizations aren’t testing the waters for radiation, Ken Buesseler, who’s a chemical oceanographer, launched an effort at Woods Hole. The results of 40 tests done off the shores of the West Coast, including down south off California, will be released at a November 13 conference.”  Lovely.

The article goes on to state:  “Buesseler has already made public the results of one sample, taken about 1,200 kilometers — approximately 745 miles — off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. Those waters tested positive for Cesium 134, which is known as the radioactive “fingerprint” of Fukushima.

The sample also indicated “higher-than-background” levels of Cesium 137, another chemical that was released during the disaster, when three nuclear reactors at Japan’s Fukushima plant melted down after a 9.0 earthquake, releasing vast amounts of radiation into the water.

But don’t panic too hard. Cesium 137 has been floatin’ around in our waters since nuclear testing started back in the ’40s, and Buesseler says he’s “not concerned” about his research results, explaining that the radiation levels should be low enough that they won’t mess with our health or the Earth’s.

Still, it’s something to be aware of, because the situation is in flux. Though it might seem like the radiation’s moving slowly, it appears to have covered about 85 percent of the distance between Japan and the West Coast. According to the Statesman Journal, scientists think that Fukushima fallout will touch down in California as soon as this year or next.

And let’s not forget that we still don’t know the extent of Fukushima’s effects on local residents and the rest of Japan, who were in very close proximity to the plant when the reactors melted.”


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