Pompeo: The Chinese Communist Party ‘Is Inside the Gates’

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Secretary of State Michael Pompeo warns the Chinese Communist Party is 'inside the gates.'

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has warned that enemies of the U.S. from the Chinese Communist Party are now “inside the gates,” during an address to lawmakers on Friday.

Pompeo told Republican lawmakers that he is aware of the threat posed by China, but he did not appreciate “the scope and the scale and the nature” of the close proximity of the threat until he became director of the CIA.

“This fight is inside the gates today … Containing where they are today, leave them in our institutions of higher learning,” Pompeo said.

“It leaves them in our high schools; it leaves them in our PTA groups. It leaves them inside our city councils and our state legislatures all across America,” he continued.

“This is a deep effort that has been going on for 50 years,” he added.

“Republicans and Democrats alike refuse to deal with it, and we started to and did.”

“We not only got it right, and frankly, I think there is some bipartisan basis, I hope, that we can continue to get this right,” he said.

Thebl.com reports: In order to offset the CCP threat, the Trump administration had worked tirelessly to build an “enormous coalition” with the Indians, Australians, Japanese, South Koreans, and some areas in Europe.

This amounts to 120 international telecommunications companies refusing to have any Chinese technology in their system.

“This is about the West and our ideas. This is not the United States versus China, and we have to get this right, and we need partners and friends to do it,” he said.

Pompeo continued, “A substantial number of international businesses have seen the political risk in China as different from what they thought it was three or four years ago. … This is a place that has fundamentally shifted under Xi Jinping in a way that is different from the Chinese Communist Party of even 20 years ago.”

Pompeo explained that to resist the CCP takeover comes at a cost, but it is worth it.

“You all need to remind everyone that if your kids and grandkids desire to live in a Western society, one that is not dominated by Chinese telecommunications infrastructure, and Chinese ideas and philosophies that come from the East, that are very different from the rule of law and basic human dignity that we have, then there’s going to be some cost attached to that,” he said.

“It’s not free to push back. There’s a reason we didn’t push back for 50 years,” he said. “For 50 years we told people, ‘You could have it all. You can get cheap stuff. You can outsource our jobs to these other places. We can allow them to do this; don’t worry [about] the leverage they gain from having these enormous supply chains. By the way, put TikTok on your phone, no worries.’”

That proved to be a dangerous mistake, as the information is then stored by the CCP to be used in the future however they see fit.

“We didn’t articulate for them that you put TikTok on your phone and your children’s most private personal information is in the hands of some really really bad actors that mean really ill for America. They may just store it in the cloud or the hard drive for a while, may not put it to use, but collectively, the data set that they develop will be used in a way that puts our young men and women at risk and puts American freedom at risk,” he said.


  1. He’s si full of political programming and stereotypical political tactics he’s as transparent as a plastic bag And Santa’s checking his list to see whose been naughty and who’s been nice. Now off to bed kiddies and sweet dreams Mama and Papa are keeping you safe Say your prayers now.

    • WTF are you blabbering about? Do you even speak english? Your fragmented thoughts sound like gibberish of a chicomm.

  2. Sad day to see Joe Harris in office. One consolation prize will be to see this bloviating, bloated rat shown the door.

  3. Pompeo is absolutely correct !

    There is just one thing and ONLY one thing that can straighten out our country at this point !

    Take a guess ….

  4. Americans did it to themselves. They bought, “Made in China” in mass. They let the Trojan horse in countless times. To support “Made in China” US Congress used people, money, and other resources dig in their claws into the US in support of the CCP. Now. they’ve bribed and blackmailed, and even compromised the ballot box. So when you’re looking to blame someone. Look real good in the mirror! I have – I’m guilty as sin.

  5. They have been inside the gates every since the Bush pair reigned, but it was under Obama the floodgates were opened. Biden/Obama have kept them enlisted in the last four years, even with Trump attempting to save America from Communism.

    • your picture is missing the leash around Xi’s neck which is held by the Rothschilds. this is bigger than just Xi. this is what people have to understand. The central banks are running this and have been for a century. They were the funders of Mao, they told him what to do. He was afraid of them. The Roths were funders of the Bolsheviks and the USSR. they gave the USSR the engines they put in their MIG 15’s. those engines were british jet engines. They gave the chinese the plans for their new aircraft.

  6. This is the result of electing public actors and liars for over 50 years. These republicrats are servants of the highly connected few. That is all.

    • Yea, right, Ian, Dementia Joe cannot even tell what day it is; Legs Up Harris isn’t even eligible for VP or POTUS, as her parents were NOT US citizens when she was born.
      The Constitution’s quite clear on this .. Only native born US citizens age 35 and up are eligible for VP or POTUS. However, anchor babies may run for Governor, for a legislative seat – either State or Federal (Legs Up Harris wound up in the US Senate).

  7. The unpatriotic, immoral, unethical Ronald Reagan enabled the PRC/CCP by not following through on the Carter Energy Policy, that now has China leading the world in fast train/alternative energy. Reagan firing the union FAA Air Traffic Controllers laid the foundation for off-shoring/out-sourcing American manufacturing to China. CEO’s like tRump relocated there, Ivanka’s 18 Trademarks applied for in China last year were approved. Stupid, greedy, short-sighted, is what sold out the country.

  8. look at the POS plumpeo puking out the Chinese are taking over WHILE HE IS A TOTAL SERVANT OF THE JEWS. anybody accuses China of being an enemy is covering for the jews

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