No One Needs To Be Fact Checked More Than The Mainstream Media Says Kayleigh McEnany

Fact checked

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has blasted the mainstream media for their hypocrisy in complaining about President Trump’s tweets.

McEnany let loose on CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta during Thursday’s press briefing and reminded that corporate media reporters had all published false reports.

Brietbart reports CNN reporter Jim Acosta accused President Trump of making false statements.

“If there’s any president out there that should be fact-checked, any political leader that should be fact-checked, shouldn’t it be President Trump?” Acosta asked.

“If you’re going to get into the fact-checking business, there’s no one that should be fact-checked more than the mainstream media that has been continually wrong about a number of things,” she said.

McEnany listed several CNN stories that were false, as well as other false stories from other corporate news outlets.

Acosta argued that news outlets frequently corrected mistakes but that the president never did.

“I have many that you guys haven’t owned up to,” McEnany replied.


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