Colin Kaepernick: Minneapolis Rioters Are Reacting ‘Logically’ – ‘We Have The Right To Fight Back’

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Former NFL quarterback and anthem protester Colin Kaepernick claims that the widespread civil unrest in Minneapolis, including rioting and looting, is a “logical reaction.”

In a Twitter post on Thursday, the former 49er said not only were the riots “logical,” he also said the people have “the right to fight back.”

Breitbart report: On a video that was released Monday, Floyd could be seen laying on his stomach, cuffed, while an officer held him down by placing his knee on Floyd’s neck. The officer kept his knee on the man’s neck for several minutes despite Floyd saying that he couldn’t breathe.

Floyd was later declared dead, four officers involved have been fired by the Minneapolis Police Department.

Kaepernick hasn’t played in the league since the end of the 2016 season, the year in which he began protesting during the national anthem against police brutality. However, in 2017 and to some extent in 2018, hundreds of other players continued his protest.

In an interview with Mediate, NFL Hall of Famer Franco Harris said national anthem protests would not have been tolerated by players in his day and overpaid jackasses like Kaepernick would have got their asses beat for pulling attention-seeking stunts like kneeling during the anthem.

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