LGBT Activists Facing 9 Life Sentences For Raping Adopted Sons and Pimping Them Out To Friends

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Two media darling LGBT+ activists have been arrested and charged with a sickening array of child rape crimes after an investigation into a suburban LGBTQ pedophile ring uncovered horrors beyond the imaginations of any normal person.

WARNING: This report contains graphic descriptions of child sex abuse.

The adoptive fathers, William Dale Zulock Jr. & Zachary Jacoby Zulock, have been indicted by a grand jury on charges of incest, aggravated sodomy, aggravated child molestation, sexual exploitation of children, and prostitution of a minor. They are both facing over nine life sentences.

According to the 17-count indictment, the adoptive dads—who are LGBTQ activists—allegedly performed oral sex on both boys, forced the children to perform oral sex on them, and anally raped their sons. The one child, who just turned 11, suffered injuries from being brutally raped.

Townhall reporter Mia Cathell reports:

Not only did the gay married men allegedly rape the two boys who were adopted through a Christian special-needs adoption agency, they were pimping out their children to nearby pedophiles in Atlanta-area suburbs.

The indictment charges the gay couple with soliciting two other men, Hunter Lawless and Luis Vizcarro-Sanchez, to “perform an act of prostitution” with their 11-year-old adopted child. Lawless met one adoptive father (Zachary) through a mutual contact on Grindr.

Hunter Lawless
Luis Vizcarro-Sanchez

Both boys, who are back in foster care, were rescued in a midnight July 27 raid on the Zulock mansion, which ended with Zachary being tackled to the ground (his bruise is visible in the mugshot) and William being hauled out of the house naked by armed officers.

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