Love Hurts: Alec Baldwin Does A Trump And An O’Reilly On SNL

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Alec Baldwin

Hollywood great Alec Baldwin has come back as Trump on Saturday Night Live and just to prove his greatness he has done an O’Really Factor with the president.

Trump supporters love their president no matter what and regardless of what damage he may cause.

Alec Baldwin presents a brilliant skewered portrayal of Donald Trump and Bill O’Reilly on Saturday Night Live, turning harsh reality into bellyache.

…”Trump” proclaimed, “I just had an amazing week, folks. I just met with the leaders from China, Egypt and Jordan. Gorsuch was confirmed. The media is saying nice things. And no one is talking about Russia. Wow, what a difference just 59 Tomahawk missiles can make.”

Gothamist reports:

The sketch was set in Kentucky, with an audience of a coal mining community. “I wanted to spend 20 minutes today with my people. Folks who don’t whisper, ‘Oh, God, what’s happening?’ after I leave the room,” explained Baldwin as Trump.

One concerned miner (Mikey Day) expressed concerns about his job security, “Trump” answered, “I’m going to do everything I can to make sure you people will work in coal the rest of your life.” When Day’s character says they just want any good jobs, they don’t have to be in coal, the “President” says, “Sorry, hombre, it’s all coal. In Trump’s America, men work in two places – coal mines and Goldman Sachs.”

Baldwin reprised his Trump impression in a Bill O’Reilly sketch—in which he also portrayed O’Reilly. As the embattled Fox News personality, Baldwin said he’d discuss “the scandal everyone’s been talking about all week, a scandal no one thought I’d have the guts to address head-on, about the shocking allegations of abuse of power — that have been leveled against the Obama administration.

At one point, “O’Reilly” tried to interview another Fox News reporter, after learning that she doesn’t work there any more asks, “Did she get the check?”—a reference to the $13 million that Fox News’ parent company paid to women who alleged that O’Reilly sexually harassed them.

Finally, “O’Reilly” spoke to “President Trump,” which featured Baldwin in the two split screens “Thank you for coming to my defense last week even when no one asked you to. You even went as far as saying, ‘Bill O’Reilly did nothing wrong.‘” Baldwin’s O’Reilly asked, “That’s based upon?”

“Hunch, just a loose hunch,” “Trump” replied, then claimed he didn’t know much about O’Reilly situation. “I’m more familiar with this case, than, say, health care… I was too busy being super-presidential by bombing a bunch of [bleep].”

In a nod to advertisers fleeing The O’Reilly Factor, the advertisers during the sketch were “Dog Cocaine,” “Cialis for horses,” and the movie, CHIPS.

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