Maxine Waters Admits She Lied About Trump-Russia ‘Collusion’

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Maxine Waters lied about Trump-Russia collusion

Maxine Waters had admitted that claims the Trump campaign colluded with Russia are all “lies” – but has vowed to keep repeating them anyway.

In a podcast interview with The Washington Post’s “Cape Up” on Tuesday, Rep. Maxine Waters admitted that she had zero evidence for the accusations that Russia hacked the US election in 2016 and that the Trump campaign had colluded with Russia. reports: Here’s the exchange from The Washington Post’s “Cape Up” podcast which was released Tuesday:

WASHPO’S JONATHAN CAPEHART: I’ve got to ask you, because you leveled a whole lot of accusations out there about collusions and hacking and all of that. Have you seen anything, either through the intelligence briefings, anything to back up any of the accusations that you’ve made?

MAXINE WATERS: First of all, don’t forget that all of our intelligence agencies say, yes, they have the documentation that they did the hacking on the DNC and on some of us.

CAPEHART: But the collusion, though?

WATERS: No, we have not. That’s why investigations are so important, to drill down and to connect those dots and to get the facts. What we have is a lot of smoke that causes us to want to know more about what has happened. Why is it there are so many people around him are connected to oil? Why is it that Michael Flynn, who evidently has a great relationship with Putin, who has received payments for so-called speeches and who’s spent a lot of time in Russia and was accused of talking about sanctions, he lied about it and he got caught?

Despite her stunning admission, NewsBusters pointed out that Capehart didn’t even include the revelation in his write-up of the interview.

Instead, Capehart’s entire article revolved around Waters accusing Jeff Sessions of being “racist.”


  1. Maxine Waters is nothing more than an ugly, old lying bitch that gives the black population a bad name. She should be put in Jail for all the lies & evil things she perpetrated

  2. People who vote for these so called Public Servants, are not victims of the process, but accomplices.

  3. Maxine Waters has been a perennial winner of the Hank “Guam may capsize” Johnson congressional award for public stupidity.

    • If premature accusation amounts to stupidity, how do you explain 25 years of Hillary Derangement Syndrome?

  4. She has to step down now and they want to connect the Dots as long as they point away from the lying Democrats

  5. If Maxine lied to the American people about Russia on Trump no telling what else she lied about. She is as dumb as thay come, any one could hold down her job in congress!!

  6. The amazing part of this is that she admitted they had no proof. We all know that all along. But never expected her to admit that they didn’t have a bit of proof.

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