Biden’s Covid Czar Says God Gave Us Two Arms – ‘One For The Flu Jab, The Other For The Covid Jab’

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Biden's Covid czar

Joe Biden’s Covid Czar Dr. Ashish Jha has been pushing the idea of two annual vaccinations, one for Covid and one for the flu.

While trying to “normalize” the idea of yearly jabs, Dr. Jha even said that this is the reason why God gave us two arms.

“I really believe this is why God gave us two arms — one for the flu shot and the other one for the COVID shot!” Jha said on Tuesday.

Thankfully God gave us a brain as well, which some of us have been using!

The Gateway Pundit reports: Dr. Jha’s comments come after Fauci said there will likely be a need for a YEARLY Covid jab.

Dr. Tony Fauci told reporters on Tuesday that there will likely be a need for a yearly COVID shot.

Since the first four (or is it five?) doses didn’t really work as advertised, maybe the next one will?

“It is becoming increasingly clear, that looking forward with the Covid pandemic, in the absence of a dramatically different variant, i think we are moving forward with a vaccination cadence similar to that of an annual virus,” Fauci said.


  1. I’ve never had a Flu vaccine or the C19-Flu gene modifications. I’ve never had a truly serious case of the flu and not one case in ten years. I’m lucky? Yes, but I have also lived a relatively active and healthy 60+ years. My closest friends and relatives have lined up for every shot for decades. They have all tested positive for the C19-Flu, have quarantined, gotten ill, gone to clinics, sent to hospital. Acquaintances have died WITH C19 (though whether that was the disease, medical malpractice or old age is in question). My #60++ is nearing, I ain’t the man I used to be! My friends gang on me to take the Jabs as quickly as possible. Some blame healthy people like me for their illnesses! Several nearest to me are ill now with Flu symptoms and test + for the C19-Flu. My wonderful wife tested Negative and the Clinic Doctor told her it didn’t mean anything; he Knew she had Covid!

  2. NO NO NO more MOD RNA and I had them but like even the goverment is saying they need a NON MOD?RNA safe& affective vax.The flu shots at the nurseing homes don`t add much time to the aged life spans.The vaxs work best in the tussy

  3. IF the herd gets to be too big and bunched up it will die out unless UNBUNCHed no matter how many vaxs.The over-population of cats&dogs is the same as humans but birth control in humans seems to be a NO go but if your cat or dog isn`t fixed they will fry it at the pound if there are too many other cats&dogs there.We need to control our birth rates without throwing the unborn in the garbage!.

  4. This ‘official’ is basically saying the vaccine regimen is an integrated system. Some ‘theorists’ have suggested something like that. One Jab works along with another. I don’t know if they are right? It does raise the question of how the earth was overrun with Homo sapiens before there was one vaccine? Sure there were ups and downs. I saw a line in an article that was treating the subject of ‘conspiracy theorists and conspiracy theories’ almost fairly. It went like this; A Conspiracy Theory is really only a 6 or 12 month spoiler alert. /b> Interesting.

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