Biden Mistakenly Admits That Democrats Have ‘No Plan’ To Reduce Energy Prices

Fact checked
Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden was speaking about inflation and his supposed plans to lower costs on Tuesday, when he accidentally admitted that the Democrats actually had “no plan” to reduce energy prices.

Biden made the so called ‘gaffe’ during a major White House speech where he claimed he had made “enormous strides” because of his policies. He was also focussed on GOP plans, claiming the republicans plan to raise taxes for middle class Americans.

According to the Gateway Pundit Biden’s original plan was to blast Republicans as having no plan on inflation and high energy prices.

But the truth slipped because of Biden’s dementia.

“You know, we have NO PLAN – they have no plan to bring down energy prices today,” said Biden.

We know, Joe. We know.



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  2. Why would he be bothered? They’re far too busy dividing up the trillions they can steal from Russia to be bothered with peasants whinging over oetty cash.

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