Garbage Piles Up In NYC As Sanitation Workers Placed On Leave For Not Complying With Vaccine Mandates

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NYC garbage

Garbage has already strated piling up in NYC after the Mayor’s office placed around 20 percent of the sanitation workers on leave for not complying with his vaccine mandate.

New York City is now literally a trash heap

Summit News reports: It is estimated that almost 1500 workers are now on administrative leave, which has meant that areas of the city are starting to fill up with stinking garbage.

Gothamist quoted a Staten Island resident who said “Most of my neighbors work for the city, and they’re supporting the sanitation workers. But if this continues, the situation is going to be unbearable.”

Another sanitation worker who requested a medical exemption urged “It’s going to get bad in the streets,” adding “The garbage is going to pile up. We already have enough manpower problems.”


  1. So, somehow, tons of germ-ridden garbage, allowed to rot on the streets, is a more sanitary and healthy option? Madness.

  2. Those photos remind me of one of my favorite comedies called The Out of Towners (1970), starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis. (They did a remake in 1999 with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn, but I think the original is better.) In the movie, Lemmon and his wife go to NYC for a job interview during a “transit strike,” and garbage was piled up just like that. To Lemmon’s frustration, in her characteristic humorous voice Dennis stares at it and says, “Would you look at that!”

  3. News Punch pulled my comment. Lets see if I’m luckier this time. Like most of Bidens appointees, the Director of the CDC was unable to answer basic questions about her department. Rochelle Walensky doesn’t know what percentage of CDC’s employees are vaccinate. But claimed she is trying to educate her staff so they would comply with Joe Biden’s mandate. To date, no CDC employee has been terminated nor been denied a paycheck. Video can be seen on youtube .

    So law enforcement, nurses, firemen , union workers , and Boarder patrol are being terminated and losing their benefits for not declaring their vaccination status. But the CDC employees are working remotely and collecting a paycheck while not being vaccinated

    • Rochelle Walensky looks like a female to you? The flip-flopped may be able to fool you and your kind, but they cannot fool nature and nature’s God.
      Look past the make-up and the flowing hair
      It’s just a lad in ladies underwear

  4. Wait until the snow falls. It will get much worse. The fool of a fraudulently elected mayor does not comprehend how bad it will get. We will see how long he can keep obeying his Globalist Masters insistence on vaccinating everyone.

  5. “There’s something solid forming in the air and the wall of death is lowered in Times Square
    No one seems to care they carry on as if nothing was there.”

    The flies are hovering about the big rotten apple
    The maggots are almost a welcome sight
    For they are unable to navigate nostrils or defile skin cells
    The allopathic zombies are oblivious to the wall of death
    formed by discarded contaminated masks
    While the piper sounds the death knell the maskerbaters continue
    to dance the maskarena
    All the maskerbaters like to do the maskarena
    The mask wearin’ Karen(s) have all gone insane(a)
    They would never do it if they only had a brain(a)
    Hey maskarena

  6. Gotham and Golem, One Vacscheme Graphene Ring to control them all: Satannation workers, de Blasio following the Tribe’s orders, but then a maximum security prison must have its warders, Escape from New York is an option for some, but whereto, as everywhere one looks there be the small hat scum (sic).

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