Chinese Billionaire Dies from Eating Poisoned Cat Meat Hotpot (Video)

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A Chinese billionaire from Guangdong Province died after eating a cat meat stew at a local restaurant. Police detained a local official suspected of murdering the businessman by lacing the dish with a poisonous herb. Here’s that story.

Chinese police detained a Communist Party official for allegedly murdering a local business tycoon by poisoning a cat meat hotpot. The businessman died in Yangchun City in China’s southern province of Guangdong.

The director of Yangchun agricultural office, Huang Guang, is accused of putting a poisonous herb—gelsemium elegans—in the hotpot dish.

Chinese businessman Long Liyuan, together with Huang Guang and Huang Wen, ate the cat meat hotpot at a local restaurant.

Long’s daughter said the herb was not put in the soup by someone from the restaurant.

“It wasn’t raw. It was cooked. He was behaving differently to normal.”

Long ate more of the stew and died—while the other two men survived. Huang Wen said he didn’t eat much.

[Huang Wen, Businessman]:
“When I ate it I thought that the soup was a little bitter… I thought perhaps sometimes they didn’t clean the cat properly, or it contained cat liver.”

His sharp sensitivity to taste had saved him.

[Liu Shichuan, Medical Doctor]:
“When Huang Wen came his symptoms were less extreme, but he had some paralysis in his throat.”

Hotpot is a popular Chinese dish of meat and vegetable stew. Cats and other animals are often eaten in the southern provinces of China.

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