George W. Bush Hails Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky As The ‘Winston Churchill Of Our Time’

Fact checked
George W Bush

George W. Bush described the Ukrainian President as “the Winston Churchill of our time” following a virtual meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy Thursday morning.

The war criminal said he was honored to have the opportunity to speak to and thank Zelensky for his ‘commitment to liberty’.

In a statement released by the Presidential Center Bush said “I was honored to spend a few minutes talking with President Zelenskyy, the Winston Churchill of our time this morning. I thanked the President for his leadership, his example, and his commitment to liberty, and I saluted the courage of the Ukrainian people”

Bush said that President Zelenskyy “assured me” that his country will not waver in its fight against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s “barbarism and thuggery.”

He also claimed that Americans are inspired by Ukraine’s fortitude and resilience. “We will continue to stand with Ukrainians as they stand up for their freedom,” he said.

Zelensky said it was “a great honor” to meet Bush.

During the meeting he expressed gratitude to America for its support for Ukriane and recalled the “sympathy Ukrainians felt” towards US citizens in the aftermath of the deadly 9/11 attacks in 2001 when Bush was president.

The two appeared to get on famously and Zelensky said he has now invited Bush to visit Ukraine.


  1. This moron mass murder and war criminal is just like his pappy. Poppa was in on the killing of JFK, his brother and son and by the way FDR killed the other brother. One thing about Americans you pick your presidents from the bottom of the cesspool, the swamp demons are just a tad higher up with a little lower death ratio.

  2. Please just stop. Zelenskyy is nothing more than a puppet. Bush supporting one of the most corrupt global governments doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  3. …”George W. Bush described the Ukrainian President as “the Winston Churchill of our time”…color me surprised, NOT.. from one inept corrupt politician to the support of another corrupt dangerous politician. I just wonder how deep into the corruption that “IS” Ukraine old George is swimming.

  4. Neither are heroes–just two empty suits that are out for themselves and what they can take from the people

    • People get old ya dumbf ck.

      Do you just think everyone you disagree with is a doppelgänger? LOL That’s hilarious.

  5. The Bush family are close to the Windsors. Theyre related as descendants of the Stuarts , from Mary Queen of Scots.
    Churchill is from the Churchill Spencer family of Princess Dianna and so of course, William and Harry. And George and Charlotte.
    “They’re all in it together” Dianna.
    It would be interesting to trace Zelensky’s lineage to see where he fits into the picture.

  6. What a crock of horse manure George ….. Who in the hell wrote that for you to repeat? You need to find a better class of so-called friends there Pal!!

  7. Bush’s grand dad was a nazi supporter. Like Henry Ford the little debish looking imp. Churchill came I to his ascendency by burning to death a flat full of riff raff and so was proclaimed heroic a. D brave Zelensky’s locked up his opponents crushed freedom of speech and acts like a dictator who spews democratic propagandas Can’t see the somlaritirs, myself Maybe Bush is catching Bidens crack head I diced dementia.

  8. In order of significance, Winston Churchill, Zelensky, and then Bush comes in somewhere below somewhere with everyone else figured in.

  9. Z is a child trafficking, drug dealing, murdering thug. May God help Putin get rid of him.

  10. A repeat of World War II ? Roosevelt = Rosenfeld a Dutch j. / Churchill a British j. / Stalin a Georgian j. &
    Hitler a Austrian j. …..Lavrov , Putin’s longtime secretary of foreign affairs said recently Zelensky is a j. / he only forgot to mention that Vlad p. is a crypto j. ( his mother was j.) & that his paternal grandfather was the cook of Lenin ( a j. ) & ( Holodomor) Stalin…..

    The latest war in Ukrain a planned prelude to WW III as ” predicted ” by freemason (& j.) Albert Pike ?

    CIA O

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