Video: Queen’s Guards Barge Into Photographer Who Stands In Their Way

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Video footage of the moment a photographer was barged into by the Queen’s Guards as he stood in their way has now been posted online. It has been viewed more than three million times in the past three days.

The Independent report:

The footage begins with the man ambling along with what appears to be a number of tourists on a path outside a pair of large gates.

But while the road quickly clears around him, a woman’s voice can be heard warning: “The guards are coming down, Derek. Mind! Mind!”

The man however then begins chatting to a lady in a pink coat, the pair of them seemingly oblivious to the fact that the guards are now marching down right on top of them.

One of the guards then barges into the back of the man as he continues to march without deviating.

As the man and the woman are pushed out of the way, one of the soldiers can be heard to shout “make way”.

Shortly after the incident a woman’s voice can be heard to say “stupid man” – although it is not clear whether she is talking about the man with the camera.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube on June 15 and has been viewed more than 1.1million times already.

On Saturday, the Trooping the Colour parade took place in London as part of the Queen’s official birthday celebration.


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