Office Of WikiLeaks Lawyer Stormed By Hooded Figures In “Professional Operation”

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Three hooded figures broke into the Madrid office of WikiLeaks lawyer Baltasar Garzon at dawn on Monday morning, in what police have described as a “very professional” operation

The figures dressed in black covered the security cameras with tape and police say they are treating the incident as an “attempted robbery” according to Spain’s largest newspaper, El País.

Garzon heads Julian Assange’s legal defense, in particular working to avoid extradition to Sweden and preparing to face charges thought to be pending by authorities in the US.

RT reports: The thieves didn’t take any money and police are waiting for technicians to confirm whether any files were taken or copied from Garzon’s computer. Police are analyzing the security cameras at the entrance to the office.

“They have not taken what they have been looking for,” Garzon told El Periodico. He confirmed  to Ser his clients’ security “has not been affected,” and that the people “acted very quickly.”

El Diario reports an employee of the firm told police the individuals did attempt to copy information stored on their servers, but that they were unsuccessful. All they took from the office was a Christmas ham.

Assange and WikiLeaks tweeted about the break-in, with WikiLeaks tying it to the CIA’s pursuit of the two. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has made a number of threatening statements about the whistleblowing organization and described it as a “hostile intelligence service,” while Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in April that Assange’s arrest is “a priority,” and that the Justice Department had started to “step up” its efforts to seek jail time for those involved with the whistleblowing organization.

“As CIA threats against WikiLeaks heat up, at least three masked men dressed in black have broken into WikiLeaks’ chief counsel Baltasar Garzon’s legal office,” WikiLeaks wrote.

Garzon heads Assange’s legal defense, working on his case to avoid extradition to Sweden and preparing for the charges US authorities are said to have prepared against him.

He is known for investigating public officials and those suspected of genocide and war crimes, including Chile’s former ruler Augusto Pinochet, and opened an investigation into crimes committed during the Spanish Civil War and under General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship.

Zero Hedge notes that just hours after the break-in, and shortly before WikiLeaks tweeted the original article from El País, Julian Assange called a Jimmy Dore video “Brilliant” which prominently features Assange’s interview with a Dutch television host in which the WikiLeaks founder all but used sign language to indicate slain DNC Seth Rich was his source.  (Assange clip at 21:30)

In the video Assange calls “Brilliant,” Dore opines that the Obama administration was evil. “What we did in Libya, Iraq, Gantanamo, black ops sites,” was evil. Dore mentions the torture report, increased weapons sales to the Saudis under Clinton, chemical weapons the United States sold Iraq.” 

“Those weren’t the evil days?” Dore asks, adding “We’ve created millions of refugees because Barack Obama bombed the shit out of them, but people are mad because Trump wants to block them at the airport?” 

Next Dore goes after the MSM – calling MSNBC’s Chuck Todd a “tool of the establishment,” who after suggesting Donna Brazile was a “dupe of the Russians,” Dore exclaims: “And now you know why that guy didn’t graduate college.” 

Dore then goes into the DNC server hack investigation – noting that the FBI never looked at the allegedly hacked servers, and relied on a report from cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, while subsequent forensic analysis revealed that the hacked files were transferred at 23 MB/s – about the speed a computer transfers files to a thumb drive, making makes a hack over the internet highly unlikely. Dore then segues into a Dutch TV interview with Seth Rich in which he heavily implies Seth Rich was Wikileaks’ source.

“The Wikileaks, Julian Assange, I saw with my own eyes intimate on an interview that the person who did that download… …he intimated that their source couldn’t have been Seth Rich. “

“My question to you on this is not whether it was Seth Rich or not, why are we not allowed to ask that question without being called a kook?”

What with the Wikileaks attorney’s ‘professional’ office raid and Assange’s subsequent tweet, it’s looks like that the cloak and dagger war over intelligence, narratives and Julian Assange is as hot as ever.


  1. They have not taken what they have been looking for,” Garzon told El Periodico. He confirmed to Ser his clients’ security “has not been affected,” and that the people “acted very quickly.”
    LOL @ NOT BEEN AFFECTED and ACTED VERY QUICKLY…… ohh my goodness….. the fact that appeared in the article just shows how mentally corrupt we are…. what dickhead editor let that get through.. obviously a drug fucked or drunk one… lol
    The Lord will carry out his vengeance on this earth with speed and finality… VERY VERY SOON … so get ready… you are not yet saved…act something about that situation you are in…its ummm deadly and hell is forever

  2. So whistleblowers who expose the truth are criminals, but the actual criminals (Hillary, FBI, etc) are protected by our DOJ…

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