Was the Paris shooting a false flag event? Video shows possible hoax

Fact checked

There has been much speculation on the internet over the last 24 hours around a video showing a French police officer being shot at point blank range by one of the alleged terrorists involved in the Charlie Hebdo Shooting. The controversy around the video surrounds the fact that there is no visible blood seen after the police officer is shot.

In the video we see:

  • A masked person running towards an injured police officer on the ground
  • He shoots him in the head at point blank range
  • No blood is seen anywhere either on the police officer or the pavement around him
  • The camera pans past the police officer and there is still no blood visible

Warning: Video contains disturbing material

Click here for the video and tell us what you think …

Does this clear lack of blood in the Paris police shooting suggest that something is being covered up? We will keep you updated with this story as it progresses. Tell us what you think by sounding off below in the comments section…

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