Biden Admin Hands Out ‘Black Resistance’ Flyers to Border Patrol Agents

Fact checked
Biden regime hands out black resistance flyers to border patrol agents

Border Patrol agents were left reeling after the Biden regime handed out flyers titled ‘Black resistance’ and held ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ events while the southern border remains wide open.

According to reports, the flyers were handed out to people working for the Customs and Border Protection Agency, featuring a word cloud of names and phrases including #BlackPower, #BlackLivesMatter, George Floyd, Maxine Waters, and Colin Kaepernick. reports: The poster also contains generic terms like ‘Jazz’ and ‘Hip Hop’:

The reason given for the flyers is ‘Black History Month’.

One border patrol agent told the Beacon “BLM hates us, so does Maxine Waters,” adding “Kaepernick hates us. They’re anti-police advocates against the nation’s largest police agency.”

‘Black Resistance’ events have also been observed by the CBP.

The BLM movement has long targeted border patrol agents with ire. Following the completely fake and contrived ‘whipping’ incident, BLM issued a statement claiming the CBP “like other law enforcement agencies, are rooted in white supremacy and a history of slave-catching,” adding “When we say #DefundThePolice, we mean all the police, including U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), who are demonstrating their slave-catching roots, riding horseback, and beating Haitian asylum-seekers with whips.”

The ‘whips’ were reigns the agents use to control their horses, and the agents were attempting to prevent Haitian migrants from illegally entering the country and fleeing. They were all cleared of any wrongdoing.

“This is just another attempt by a federal agency to show how woke it is, another Border Patrol agent told Townhall, adding “The office that made this is also responsible for responding to FOIA requests, so I would rather they not spend time making flyers like this and instead work on not taking six months to respond to a FOIA request.”

Meanwhile at the border…