John Kerry’s Daughter Says BILLIONS of Humans Must Die for the ‘New World Order’

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John Kerry's daughter Vanessa has celebrated her promotion to the World Economic Forum's board of Agenda Contributors by urging the elitist organization to transform itself into a world government and seize total control of humanity, regardless of whether "we the people" consent.

John Kerry’s daughter Vanessa has celebrated her promotion to the World Economic Forum’s board of Agenda Contributors by urging the elitist organization to transform itself into a world government and seize total control of humanity, regardless of whether “we the people” consent.

According to Vanessa Kerry, the time is ripe for a globalist coup d’etat which utilizes the control mechanisms in the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty to create a world government that answers to nobody.

Explaining that humanity has been “softened up” by the Covid pandemic, Kerry outlined disturbing plans to ramp up an agenda of fear-mongering propaganda about climate change to terrorize humanity into giving up the last of our rapidly diminishing freedoms.

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In a video addressed to fellow members of the WEF, Vanessa Kerry claimed the so-called climate crisis is now a “health crisis” too, which is convenient for the elite because it means their favorite fascist agency, the World Health Organization can get involved in the response.

It should come as no surprise that the daughter of climate con-man John Kerry is spreading 100% fake news here. NASA’s claims that we are living in the hottest year on record have been thoroughly debunked by independent investigators.

Did you catch that? Kerry is desperately trying to shoehorn the World Health Organization into the debate.The elite are still trying to push the WHO’s pandemic treaty through because it takes away the sovereignty of nation states and effectively creates a world government.

Comparing climate change to the Covid pandemic is another tell-tale sign the elite are preparing to unleash another wave of tyrannical restrictions on the public.

The question is whether the public will fall for the fear-mongering again or whether they will rise up against the elite and reclaim their freedom and sovereignty.

According to Kerry, the will of the people means nothing anymore and its time for the global elite to seize total control over the future of the human race. It’s time to accept your digital serfdom, own nothing, and be happy.

Such an outcome would suit far-left techno-fascists like John Kerry and his daughter down to the ground. Like their colleagues in the WEF, they have given up pretending they haven’t completely sold their soul to the globalist cause.

Vanessa Kerry is determined to keep humanity cowering in fear, urging her colleagues to keep the Covid fearmongering “front and center” in people’s minds.

Vanessa Kerry is not alone in demanding world governments take action post-Covid to keep humanity on its knees.

The United Nations has threatened anybody who opposes Agenda 2030, stating “This is no longer a negotiation. That’s why it’s called an agenda and not a wish list.”

We have all the evidence we need to haul these criminals before an international tribunal on charges including mass murder and crimes against humanity.

But first, humanity has to wake up and smell the coffee – before we do not have any rights left to defend.

The global elite are laughing at us, provoking us to see how far they can go in revealing their agenda before we rise up against them.

Biden declared Easter Sunday to be “Transgender Day of Visibility” before denying it the very next day.

Except, as we all know, that’s complete bullshit.

It seems odd Biden isn’t able to look at his own Twitter account to see the truth.

The biggest takeaway from this is obviously the question: Who’s actually running the show? 

It sure as hell isn’t Joe Biden.

Like the compromised leaders in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and France, Biden is simply taking his orders from above and the agenda they are all rolling out in sync – digital ID, banning cash, hate speech laws – could not be more disturbing.

According to Klaus Schwab’s daughter Nicole, the global elite are preparing to roll out permanent “climate lockdowns” whether you like it or not – and you had better get used to the elite’s plans for a “new humanity” because there is nothing you can do about it.

Note that Schwab’s daughter uses the same words as Vanessa Kerry when she says Covid was a “tremendous opportunity” for the global elite to usher in their Great Reset agenda.

In an article published by the WEF, the organization boasts that “billions” of people complied with their draconian Covid “restrictions.”

Titled “My Carbon: An approach for inclusive and sustainable cities,” the article suggests that the same fear tactics will be used to impose further climate change related “restrictions” on the public.

According to Schwab, in the Great Reset there will be no private property. Governments controlled by the globalist elite will own everything.

These plans are purely Satanic and go against everything our society has been built upon. The Bible makes clear that private property ownership is the key to wealth creation. Private property, or to put a more accurate definition upon it — the right to property — is the linchpin of freedom.

But the elite have already turned the switch on the Great Reset.

These plans are being rolled out in key cities around the world as we speak. The residents of Oxford, England, have been warned they will be guinea pigs for the dystopian scheme, involving mandatory climate lockdowns starting next year.

Picture this, it is the year 2049, and residents of Oxford are unable to leave their neighborhoods. If they do, a network of cameras — installed years earlier under the guise of easing traffic congestion — track their movements. If they stray too far from their registered address, a £100 fine is automatically removed from their bank accounts.

The only cars now allowed on the streets belong to representatives of the world government, who relentlessly patrol the city for anyone breaking the rules.

This is the future that we must accept to save the planet, according to Klaus Schwab and the globalists.

But thanks to people like yourself who are spreading the word about the real agenda of the globalist elite, the people are waking up.

The people of Oxford are rejecting the plans to lock them in 15 minute prison cells, taking to the streets to demand the elite respect their basic human rights. The actor Lawrence Fox, who lived in Oxford for ten years, told the BBC why the people must rise up against this tyranny.

If they can forcibly confiscate farms and herd us into 15 minute cities that severely restrict our day-to-day behavior, what kind of tyranny will we see in the future?

This evil plot against humanity has been in the works for years, and now we are seeing it play out before our very eyes.

Sadly, most people in the general population still do not understand what is happening.

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