UN Threatens Those Who Oppose Agenda 2030: ‘This Is No Longer a Negotiation’

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The United Nations has threatened anybody who opposes Agenda 2030, stating “This is no longer a negotiation. That’s why it’s called an agenda and not a wish list.”

Chilean communist Valentia Muñoz issued the threat on behalf of the global elite while speaking at the United Nations summit in New York City this week.

According to Muñoz, anybody who refuses to yield to the draconian dictates of Agenda 2030 will be dealt with by the global elite.


The world has reached a critical juncture according to Klaus Schwab who has ordered world governments to begin imprisoning and re-educating anybody who opposes the globalist agenda.

According to Schwab, human history is now officially over and anybody who disagrees with the globalist agenda must be canceled, de-platformed, arrested and imprisoned as an example to the rest of society.

According to Schwab, we have now reached the point where anybody who takes a “negative, critical, or confrontational attitude” to the plans of the WEF must be dealt with harshly.

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Klaus Schwab’s unelected globalist agents have been instructed to disseminate the instructions in international forums. Chilean communist Valentia Muñoz wasn’t the only agent delivering Schwab’s message in New York City.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who now serves the WEF full-time, told the UN Climate Summit in New York City this week that free speech is a weapon of war, and anybody caught speaking their mind on sensitive globalist subjects must be punished accordingly.

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