CIA Ties to Ukrainian Nazi Operatives During Jan 6 Exposed in Bombshell Video

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CIA hired Ukrainian Nazis to take part in J6 riots, new video proves

Ukrainian Nazis were secretly invited by US intelligence agencies to participate in the Jan 6 riot to incite violence, which was then covered up by the CIA and FBI.

This bombshell revelation, combined with a recent rally by ADL-funded neo-Nazis, points to a disturbing plot by the U.S. intelligence agencies to derail Trump and his movement, journalist Laura Loomer reported.

Loomer had been covering a Biden-supporting neo-Nazi group protesting in Orlando, Florida over the weekend, revealing their ties to the Ukrainian neo-Nazi militia Azov Battalion and to the CIA. reports: Loomer then laid out on X how the neo-Nazi groups demonstrating in Florida to discredit conservatives are actually part of an ongoing years-long intelligence operation.

Loomer recently spoke to J6 Defendant Jacob Chansley aka “Q-Shaman”, who revealed the FBI questioned him over a photo of him with “a known Ukrainian spy” taken at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“I personally spoke to Jacob, and he confirmed to me that the FBI told him during an interview with him and his lawyer that the person he was pictured with at the Capitol on Jan 6th was in fact ‘a known Ukrainian spy’. The FBI asked Jacob Chansley if he knew the Ukrainian spy. Jacob didn’t know who he was, and said the man approached him and asked for a photo,” Loomer wrote Sunday on X.

“The FBI knew of a Ukrainian spy outside of the US Capitol on J6, and yet this was NEVER reported or even mentioned to the J6 Committee. This same Ukrainian spy who was identified by the FBI has been identified via facial recognition technology as Sergai Dybynyn, a neo-nazi who works in Ukraine,” she said.

This same Ukrainian spy Dybynyn has also been pictured with the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in Ukraine in 2016.

In other words, the FBI was aware of foreign penetration of the Capitol by Ukraine during the Jan 6 protest to foment violence yet concealed this information from the public and took no action against the foreign spies.

Which begs the question, why is the FBI and CIA hiding this bombshell information?

Loomer believes she found the answer.

The CIA is funding a color revolution in the United States via Ukrainian Nazis and American Nazis who are being recruited by the CIA and FBI to fight overseas in the Azov Battalion and then come back to the US to instigate Nazi political movements in a psyop intended to make right wingers look bad,” she reported.

“The reality is, these people are Democrats and Biden supporters and the FBI has been hiding the fact that Ukrainian operatives penetrated the US Capitol on J6 and they have been hiding the fact that they are working with Ukrainian Nazis to instigate violence to subvert the US Government, including actions to impeach President Trump, instigate violence at Charlottesville which was used as Biden’s reason for running for President against Trump, and to stage violence at the Capitol on J6.”

Loomer tied that revelation back to the Ukrainian fed-connected neo-Nazis who were “demonstrating” in Florida over the weekend.

Now the FBI and CIA are using Ukrainian Nazis to instigate racial division in the US during an election year so that Neo Nazi marches pop up in red states when voters are deciding who to vote for ahead of 2024,” Loomer noted.

Here is footage of one of the Biden-supporting Fed Nazis using a bullhorn with an Infowars bumper sticker.

“This is a CIA funded domestic terror operation intended to interfere in the U.S. Election and to make sure Donald Trump is never allowed to be President ever again,” Loomer added.

This report exposes another leg in the left’s unconventional warfare strategy against former President Donald Trump and his supporters, who have resorted to weaponizing the justice system to indict him on spurious charges and imprison his supporters who entered the Capitol on January 6, 2021 (except for the Ukrainian spies).

Democrats have also begun looking into stripping Trump off the ballot using the 14th Amendment as their indictments against the former president backfires politically.

As former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile admitted on Sunday, Trump’s movement is so powerful that the “old political rules” can’t be used to defeat him in 2024.

“Anyone who thinks you can apply the old political rules to try to defeat this candidate based on ‘he’s scary, he’s ugly’, whatever you might want to call it — this is a movement,” she said.

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