Tony Blair Wants Brexit Delayed & Warns Populism Will Drag Europe Back To The 1930s

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A return to the dark days that saw the rise of the Nazis is “no longer far-fetched” according to Tony Blair.

The former British PM gave a speech for the Chatham House thinktank in London, where he relayed his deep reservations concerning the rise of both left and right populist parties, as advocates of globalisation retreat.

Twitter users however blamed the former Labour leader for the rise in populism ahead of his speech where he also renewed his desperate attempt to derail Brexit.

RT reports: He highlights what he sees as policies promoted by both left and right populists as the drivers behind the rise in 1930s highly divisive politics with it’s anti-immigrant and protectionist themes.

He said: “Globalisation and its advocates are on the back foot. Populism of left and right meet at a certain point in denunciation of free trade arrangements, migration and international alliances. All are portrayed as contrary to putting individual national interest first.

“Once it is clear the populism isn’t working because, ultimately, it offers only expressions of anger and not effective answers, the populists may double down, alleging that failure is the result of half-heartedness and that only more of the same will work.

“Who knows where the dynamic of that scenario takes us. Then the comparisons with the 1930s no longer seem far-fetched,” claimed Blair

The divisive ex-PM also claimed that it was not in Donald Trump’s interest to see a fragmented Europe, appealing to the US President to state how much the US-UK alliance matters to his nation.

“We need to know from the current American administration and its president that our alliance matters, that it is regarded, historically and contemporaneously, as a vital American strategic interest.

“We are losing sight of the values which brought the west together, saw it through the menace of fascism and communism,” he added.

It comes after Shadow Brexit Secretary, Keir Starmer, who has embarked on a two day visit to Brussels warns that the Brexit deadlock being overseen by UK PM Theresa May’s Tory government, is fueling “public anxiety and alienation” that “mirrors the rise of authoritarian parties across the western world.”

Speaking in Brussels on Tuesday he claimed “There is now a real danger that this continued deadlock will fuel public anxiety and alienation.

“Progressives and socialists across Europe should all be concerned about this. It mirrors the rise of right-wing and authoritarian parties across the western world,” Starmer added.

He criticised May’s Tories for failing to attempt to understand the root causes behind the 2016 UK Referendum vote to leave the EU – a long term strategy replaced by mere survival on a day to day basis.

Starmer complained: “The prime minister is simply trying to survive each week and avoid defeat in parliament. There is no vision for Britain’s future and no plan to tackle the root causes of the referendum result, not least the deep inequalities within our country.”


  1. Globalization is a false name for “ruling elites”. Globalization promotes nobodys interests but the 1% of the weathy at the cost to all countries freedom. The USA does not need the UK and President Trump will tell you (loudly and repeatedly if you listen) he is Making America Great Again. MAGA only promotes other countries that promote American interests. America is rebuilding its manufacturing base, growing it technological advantage, ending unfair trade agreements, enforcing its borders, and stopping the migration of any group of people who do not enter the country lawfully and provide a benefit to the American economy. The USA will not be outlawing guns or continuing to steal American freedoms like under the administrations of the criminal cabal puppets Bushes, Clintons, and Obama. WWG1WGA.

  2. look at ancient Egypt or Rome to see their role models for the world.Its that simple Forget all the connivance and contrivances and the ” love of family values” and babies and the poor and “hard work” and all that slave driving propaganda and see the real bigger picture of the direction the world is being taken in.Food glorious food , at their food banks and shelter for their slaves to sleep in and schools to brainwash their children into the dumbest people who have ever lived ,only’ fit for work.’as medically required by Rule Of Law,

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