Popular Brazilian Fitness Influencer Suffers Fatal Heart Attack Following Jab

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Brazilian fitness influencers suffers fatal heart attack following COVID jab

Popular Brazilian fitness influencer Larissa Borges has died suddenly after suffering a massive heart attack following the Covid booster jab.

Borges, who had over 30 thousand followers on Instagram, had been in a hospitalized since August 20 after she suffered her first heart attack after receiving her Covid-19 booster shot.

On Monday, August 28th, Borges suffered a second heart attack, which instantly killed her.

“Our beloved daughter, take your steps with God, and be blessed,” states a message left by her family on her Instagram account:

Infowars.com reports: Social media was rife with speculation that the COVID-19 jab could be to blame.

“We can already anticipate the pseudo expert report of the media and its followers: ‘After carrying out several and specialized tests, it was concluded that the cause of death of influencer Larissa Borges, 33 years old, could have been anything, except the “vaccine” against -covid,’” wrote one X user in Portuguese.

Meanwhile, The New York Post reports authorities have claimed alcohol may have played a role in causing her initial heart attack.

“There is a report of a possible ingestion of narcotic substances, accumulated with alcoholic beverages,” The Post reported according to Rio Grande do Sul Civil Police deputy Gustavo Barcellos. “The body was sent for necropsy. We will try to search through laboratory tests for substances that she possibly consumed.”

The Daily Mail has more details:

Barcellos said that authorities have interviewed Borgues’ boyfriend, who accompanied her to the party. 

Witnesses told police that Borgues drank alcoholic beverages and took drugs at the party in the mountain resort town of Gramado. The couple returned to a hotel, where she went into cardiac arrest.

Civil Police investigators are awaiting to review videos from their cellphone and were also looking into surveillance cameras where the party was held to see if they can get a better understanding of what took place.

Eerily one post from March 2021 in which she was tagged advertising for an eyelash business featured Borges wearing a mask with a caption stating, “You’re to die for this before and after.”

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