Yale Professor Blasted After Saying She Helps Kids As Young As 3 On Their ‘Gender Journey’

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A Yale professor has sparked outrage after declaring that she is part of a program that helps children as young as three with their ‘gender journey’.

In a YouTube video which has now been taken down, Christy Olezeski, director and co-founder of the Yale Pediatric Gender Program, explained how she runs a program that helps children from the age of three-years-old. She also said and that her team offered advice on if and when youngsters should seek ‘medical intervention.

In the clip, which was posted on Yale Medicine’s YouTube page, she also bragged that she ‘loves’ what she does.

The Mail Online reports: The video sparked outrage online as she was warned to leave the children alone and others even claimed it was child abuse.

In the footage, Olezeski told how her mission was to ‘provide comprehensive family-centered care for children, adolescents and young adults questioning their assigned gender and/or seeking gender-affirming consultation.’

She says: ‘I am the director of the Yale gender program, which is an interdisciplinary program working with gender-expansive individuals [ages] 3 to 25 and their families.

‘We help individuals who are questioning their gender identity or who identify as transgender or non-binary, and we help them with their gender journey.’

The program website details how transgender surgeries are only available to those aged 18 and older.

There is no information as to how young hormones and puberty blockers may be introduced.

She also states how the program she heads provides guidance on ‘medical intervention’ and when such a process should start.

‘I love what I do so it’s really, really wonderful to be working in this field and to be working with individuals who are gender diverse and gaining their support and helping them on their gender journeys.’

The idea of children who are barely out of wearing diapers making a decision to change genders was met with outrage on social media.  

‘3 YEAR OLDS should not be led to change genders! Leave them alone,’ director and producer Robby Starbuck tweeted.

‘Society has lost its marbles,’ tweeted Arizona Republican Party Chair Dr. Kelli Ward.

‘Kid’s memories are just starting to work at 3. Kids think they’re dinosaurs or a dog. There is no ‘gender journey’ at 3, this is child abuse,’ suggested the Hodge Twins comedy duo on Twitter.

‘I really want Christy olezeski to tell me how a 3 year old can have a gender identity crisis. Kids that young have no clue or even think about that whens the last time you heard a 3 year old say I’m a girl but feel like a boy or whatever,’ wrote Pat Cordia.

‘Does this Yale Gender Programme Clinical Psychologist’s starry-eyed happiness about working with 3year olds worry others as much as it worries me? What does actual Psychology have to say about this?’ added another Twitter user.


  1. Infants who have any appearance of being the wrong gender need physical assessment of any hormonal imbalances before any other dort of intervention occurs at all.

  2. Humanity has peaked. Now our medical sciences are going to fall to sick ideologies and deranged individuals.

  3. “In the year 6565

    You won’t need no husband, won’t need no wife
    You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
    From the bottom of a long glass tube..”

    Make that 2025…

  4. Note that this “thing” assists gender transition as young as 3 years old. Olezeski is Jewish and the Talmud allows sex with children as young as 3 years old. The irony, here is not lost on me.

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