Texas: Huge Swarm Of Bugs So Big Weather Systems Are Picking It Up

Fact checked

Thousand of flying grasshoppers and beetles, flying over Knox County, Texas, are being picked up by Weather radar. 

Rangers at Copper Breaks State Park have confirmed that the swarm of bugs is so huge that weather radar systems are picking them up.

Businessinsider.com reports:

It is difficult to correlate a specific amount of insects to what the radar is seeing because it depends on the size and proximity of the insects as they fly, says Forrest Mitchell, Observations Program Leader at the National Weather Service of Norman, Oklahoma.

They are swarming from the ground up to 2,500 feet, covering a distance of over 50 miles, he says.

“It’s fairly common during the warm season,” says Mitchell. “It’s a testament of the sensitivity of the radars we use.”

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