BUSTED: Democrat Ballot-Stuffer Exposed As FBI Employee

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Ballot stuffer exposed as FBI agent.

A Democrat politician who was prosecuted for rigging the U.S. election has been exposed as an FBI employee.

Craig Callaway, a former Atlantic City council president, was caught paying New Jersey residents $30 to $50 to “act as authorized messengers and request mail-in ballots for voters whom they’d never met.”

The ballot-stuffing took place during the 2022 mid-term election when Callaway was paid $65,500 by Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s (R-02) campaign for “strategic consulting”.  Rep. Van Drew had paid Callaway’s firm $110,000 for services in the 2020 campaign as well.

Thegatewaypundit.com reports: Callaway faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 if convicted.  And it wouldn’t be his first conviction either:  in 2006 he admitted to accepting $36,000 in bribes from a contractor whom he helped win city contracts and again, in 2008, when he admitted guilt in a blackmail scheme targeting Atlantic City councilman, as reported by New York Times.

Last week, Jesse Watters reported on the story of Callaway and his operation.  A clip from that segment can be found here.

On February 12th, however, Watters sent a reporter to Atlantic City to interview people in the city about Callaway and the sentiment of the community.  When asked, “What do you think of [Craig]?” one Atlantic City resident answered, “My honest opinion?  Piece of s***.”  The reporter followed up with, “He was caught rigging elections!” to which the woman responded, “Again…or is this the same?”

One man interviewed by the Watters’ team said, “This is pretty much norm in our elections.  I mean, someone is always going to try to skirt something around.”  He was then asked, “Are Atlantic City elections corrupt?”

“Always have been,” he responded.

Then, Watters dropped a bomb.  According to Watters, Callaway has been working for the FBI for 25 years.

Watters reported:

“Craig’s not tired at all.  He’s a busy man.  He’s so busy, that he’s been working for the FBI for 25 years.  That’s right.  Craig the Ballot-Stuffer wears wires for the Feds to catch people bribing government officials.  But Craig the Stuffer messed up and got caught taking bribes in an FBI sting.

But don’t worry!  He cut a deal with the Feds who just wired him back up for more stings.  But then Craig got caught sexually blackmailing a minister in another sting.  So Craig’s a snitch and a stuffer.  Does the FBI have ballot-stuffers on the payroll?”

Watters went on to say that the Justice Department caught him with a stack of “dirty” ballot applications back in the mid-terms.

This story in New Jersey is beginning to sound strikingly similar to a story that The Gateway Pundit broke last year involving Michigan officials, an NGO called GBI Strategies, and, once again, the reluctance of the FBI to take charge.

It also bears resemblance to a 2018 ballot harvesting operation that was being perpetrated by the former Tarrant County DNC President, Deborah Peoples, and her aide Stuart Clegg.  Police body cam footage recorded one of the homeless men allegedly recruited by Peoples and Clegg to collect signatures and ballots from unsuspecting elderly victims.  Because this incident was beyond the statute of limitations, no investigation that we know of was ever conducted into Peoples.  Charles Jackson, the man in the police body cam footage, was indicted for “providing false information on a voting application.”  The homeless man was bailed out by the DNC President’s aide, Stuart Clegg.

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