Trump Says RFK Jr. Is A ‘Democrat Plant’

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RFK Jr and Trump

Donald Trump has accused independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of being a Democrat “plant” and a “wasted protest vote”.

In a Friday post on Truth Social, Trump wrote, “RFK Jr. is a Democrat ‘Plant,’ a Radical Left Liberal who’s been put in place in order to help Crooked Joe Biden, the Worst President in the History of the United States, get Re-Elected.”

He continued: “A Vote for Junior’ would essentially be a WASTED PROTEST VOTE, that could swing either way, but would only swing against the Democrats if Republicans knew the true story about him. Junior’ is totally Anti-Gun, an Extreme Environmentalist who makes the Green New Scammers look Conservative, a Big Time Taxer and Open Border Advocate, and Anti-Military/Vet…”

Kennedy hit back at Trump on Saturday in a social media post on Saturday.

He said: “When frightened men take to social media they risk descending into vitriol, which makes them sound unhinged”

Kennedy went on: “President Trump’s rant against me is a barely coherent barrage of wild and inaccurate claims that should best be resolved in the American tradition of presidential debate.” 

“President Trump, who has proven himself the most adept debater in modern American political history, should not be panicked to meet me on that stage,” he added.

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